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  • ljdre ljdre Dec 22, 2006 4:22 PM Flag

    Dubious Blueberry Product!!!!!

    I am 42, been all over the US and the world, and to this day I have yet to see anybody drinking down a glass of blueberry juice! Just think about it for a minute. How many people do you know that drink flippin blueberry juice? Do really think that the mighty blueberry is going to sweep the US into a blueberry drinking frenzy? If you do, then contact me about buying some prime desert land in SoCal.

    I live in San Diego and go to Orange County and LA all the time, and if I have yet to see the "great LBIX blueberry phenomenon" in action - do think that people in Iowa, Kansas, etc. will be jumping on board.

    California sets the trends buddy - and there aint no damn blueberry juice jumping off the shelves here. So like I said "DUBIOUS."

    Now soda......thats a different story pal....especially premium soda with PCS....I see that all the time in the trendy stores like Whole Foods, Henry's, and Trader Joes.

    Good luck with LBIX...but watch JSDA run run run.

    As usual, LMAO all the way to the bank!!!!!

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    • Well that is a stupid, idiotic, and most ignorant lame remark I have ever heard....since TrueBlue out sales by far Jones junk sodas...maybe you better look at the facts and sales figures before you start mouthing off about something you have no idea about. TrueBlue sales are due to actual drink sales, not finding more shelf space...because in the stores in Colorado...Jones sodas just sit there collecting dust. Get a Life, fruitcake!

    • What premium soda doing you see flying off the shelves at Whole Foods and Trader Joe's. Reeds??? I'm long Jones big time, but I'm interested in hearing how Reed's is doing in California, especially since its based in LA. I don't think it will ever be serious competition to Jones, but when you're in a race, it never hurts to see who is behind you trying to catch up to you.

      If you LBIX'ers are wondering why I'm posting here, it happens I'm also long LBIX. Unfortunately I'm losing my ass right now becasue I bought it at a much higher price than where it's currently at. But I'm hanging in there hoping they can turn things around.

    • Appenrently you have no inkling on what the future holds for this company.I dont expect any frenzy yet, but you can bank on it that the potential growth for this company is
      Furthermore the soda years is done but will still be around we are definetly seeing a trend of shifting consumer mentality towards HEALTHY BEVERAGES.
      And the Jones Soda i say congrats to those who bought low and sold at at profit.(FADS COMES AND GO)

    • Look at the 2 year chart Jsda is just starting to out perform LBIX. It's been way behind.;range=2y;compare=jsda;indicator=volume;charttype=line;crosshair=on;logscale=on;source=undefined
      If LBIX is $4 Jsda would have to be $40.00 just to catch up.

    • Why dont you support the jone board and I will stay on the lbix which I think is a good company. Soda is dead looser

    • Because you are a persistent fool that needs to be exposed. All of your past posts indicate this FACT. You mislead people, and that may cost a lot of people money. My goal is to make people money, not to scam them like you.

    • then why are you here???????????????

    • Maybe your one of the uninformed dingbat that apperently
      doesn't know the benefits of blueberries.Look it up maybe you will something.
      And by the way todays run with Jones doesn't mean squat.
      While cramer's pumping his friends are selling.


      PS We shall see which one will be the next HANSEN.

    • I live in California and it is selling in Safeway and Von's. Perhaps you shop at Ralph's, where hopefully you will be able to purchase it soon and see how great it tastes!

      Very good day today, pretty decent volume. One thing I cannot figure though is why a article about Soda Cocktails shows up under LBIX news. I did not see a mention of Leading Brands or True Blue, and this is certainly not a soda company.

    • Do you think there is a Cranberry Juice drinking frenzy?
      Do you think there is a Grape Juice drinking frenzy?

      Its not about having every single person drink True Blue. Its about True Blue becoming a common product like the above juices. If True Blue was a frenzy (which is possiable, but unlikely) the company's profits would exceed that of a company like Hansen.

      The question is do you think that True Blue sales will grow? and I dont think there is any question to that answer.

      I think there are many on this board that drink True Blue regulary, including myself. Almost everyone I have introduced the product to like it, or like it alot. The biggest complaint is sometimes, its too sweet, but for every one of those, there are 3 that say, wow, this is awesome.

      Soda.. its statstically a falling market. Jones Soda, I like the company but Izze Soda is better, and Izze Soda is now owned by Pepsi. I like the pomogranite flavored Izze. JSDA does not have a flavor that I am head over heals on. Its a good product, and I dont dislike Jones stocks but it doesnt have the same growth prospects of LBIX.


      P.S. you obviously have not been to a store where True Blue was on sale at $3 a bottle. It jumps off the shelves, trust me. I went to Ingles the other day to find only one bottle left, which is kinda frustrating when you want to buy 6.

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