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  • greatsage99 greatsage99 Dec 22, 2006 4:34 PM Flag

    Dubious Blueberry Product!!!!!

    Do you think there is a Cranberry Juice drinking frenzy?
    Do you think there is a Grape Juice drinking frenzy?

    Its not about having every single person drink True Blue. Its about True Blue becoming a common product like the above juices. If True Blue was a frenzy (which is possiable, but unlikely) the company's profits would exceed that of a company like Hansen.

    The question is do you think that True Blue sales will grow? and I dont think there is any question to that answer.

    I think there are many on this board that drink True Blue regulary, including myself. Almost everyone I have introduced the product to like it, or like it alot. The biggest complaint is sometimes, its too sweet, but for every one of those, there are 3 that say, wow, this is awesome.

    Soda.. its statstically a falling market. Jones Soda, I like the company but Izze Soda is better, and Izze Soda is now owned by Pepsi. I like the pomogranite flavored Izze. JSDA does not have a flavor that I am head over heals on. Its a good product, and I dont dislike Jones stocks but it doesnt have the same growth prospects of LBIX.


    P.S. you obviously have not been to a store where True Blue was on sale at $3 a bottle. It jumps off the shelves, trust me. I went to Ingles the other day to find only one bottle left, which is kinda frustrating when you want to buy 6.

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