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  • boileroomguy boileroomguy Feb 24, 2007 10:56 AM Flag

    Is it jumping on news letter?

    There is a poison pill of 20$ a share out there. so the company is not being bought.

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    • A poison pill does nothing to prevent a friendly acquisition. It would make a hostile bid very expensive and unlikely by giving rights for new shares to existing shareholders triggered upon an entity amassing x%.

      If Ralph realizes that Lbix has at least one terrific product, but not the financial and/or other wherewithal to maximize its success, he will entertain offers and a deal could easily happen. The loss of Hans has to increase the chances of that, but it's hard to evaluate whether ego will get in the way of a dispassionate evaluation. I am quite confident that if Ralph decided that a deal made sense that there would be interested parties at a large premium to current price. The recent deals -- including Fuze, Naked Juice and Izzies -- shows that alternative beverage companies are in demand. Cadbury, Nestle, Hans and the big boys are all potential buyers.

    • Could you explain the term, "poison pill."


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