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  • tjreverberate tjreverberate Feb 14, 2008 11:24 AM Flag


    I noticed Vons as a store that has Trueblue in California. Vons is a big chain in California. Is this a new listing for us? If it is its a good listing. Vons is a large chain in California. Tom

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    • It is a matter of opinion as to whether Kroger has already made their decision.... since I haven't had any further conversations with the individiual at Kroger Corporate since my call last fall to discuss the fact that my relatives were unable to find TrueBlue in their Memphis area stores while we were able to buy the 4 varities in Kroger's Cincinnati area. This was true even though the TrueBlue web site indicated that the product was available at the Tennessee Kroger stores !!!!!!

      Obviously, in forming my opinion I have considered what has been noted here by others & on the last conferece call that certain Kroger stores/ markets have placed TrueBlue on "close-out" or "clearance" ... NOT a good sign !!!


    • <<<It's my opinion that Kroger has already made their decision relative to the 9 Kroger banner chains $lotting Fee AGREEment relative to the stocking of the 4 varities of TrueBlue per the 3/1/2007 Pre$$ Release per my source at the Kroger Corporate offices in Cincinnati. Said information was provided to the LBIX CEO last fall>>>

      InvestorUsa, I don't know whether you wrote that intending to obfuscate. But you certainly didn't say that they decided to cancel TB, or disclose what Lbix was told. It's not a matter of "opinion". Either you know and want to disclose, don't know, or don't want to disclose. To the extent that a decision has to be made by 3/1 (I'm not sure of that at all), I don't doubt that it would have been made. The question is what is the decision? You're certainly not saying. If you know something, please say it. If for whatever reason you don't want to disclose something, ambiguous, subtle hints don't tell me anything. If somebody thought Kroger was super-important, are you telling them that you know that cancellation is definite, and therefore they should sell? You seem to want to have it both ways. If I'm wrong, I apologize and ask you to clarify exactly what you are saying about Kroger. Thanks.

    • replace them with walmart usa??

    • The chain required to really capture the Florida retail grocery market is clearly Publix ... they dominate with the newest stores & best locations !!!!!!!

      Sweet Bay is an up & comer, but a very, Very, VERY small chain in comparison to Publix in FL !!!!!


    • Vons is owned by Safeway. In NV, they've had TB since the get go. I noticed that facings have gone from 6 to 4.

    • I would really like to see them stay on the West Coast and focus and really hone their skills at distribution and production before fully spreading east.

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      • I agree completely. While ultimately it would be great to go national, with the current resources and market cap, succeeding in Canada and the Western U.S., plus opportunistic placements in certain national accounts, like 711, would be plenty. They can gradually spread into more areas when able, financially and logistically.

        Some here, like InvestorUsa, have set far too high a bar for success. If TB is not on the shelf in Fl., the company is failing. I see things very differently, with all due respect. I'm not trying to bash or question anybody's motives. It's just that a major national presence is neither necessary nor realistic at this juncture. IF they lost Kroger but proceeded in a major way in the West (convenience stores, supermarkets, club stores, etc.), together with all of Canada and 711 nationally, growth could proceed nicely and then expand geographically. Don't get me wrong. I hope they keep Kroger -- all nine banners. It is just not the test of success or failure for me.

      • Hey moose.... WHO exactly has these "skills" that you're referring to in last post ??????

        Is it somebody on the LBIX team or one of those brokers who have screwed up like with Kroger & Albertsons ???? And remember, that it's NOT only the 1st broker, but also the current broker who can't get the job done as promised by the LBIX CEO again, Again & AGAIN !!!!!


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