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  • txinvest1 txinvest1 Apr 1, 2008 11:19 PM Flag

    Why Kroger does not matter

    Derived from the 3Q statement


    If gross revenue last yr was 11.5 million and we have a decrease of 5.7 million from the termination of Hansen, that leaves 5.8 million in revenue this 3Q.

    5.8 million

    1.1 increase in sales of branded beverages
    0.7 increase from bottling ops
    0.9 increase from value of Canadian dollar
    8.5 Total Revenue

    If the 1.1 million represents a 63% increase, then total branded sales are

    1.9 million multiplied by 63% = 1.1 million = 3.0 million in branded sales for the quarter.

    Of which 85% is Canadian Sales $ 2,550,000
    Of which only 15% is US sales $ 450,000

    And if Kroger was as screwed up as everyone says, it was only a portion of the $450,000, and we have probably already replaced the revenue from it. Give it a break already.

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    • So what you are saying is that it is OK if they lose the biggest grocery chain in the US b/c they couldn't execute it properly. That would be like Boeing losing an order for 20 Dreamliners from Saudi Arabia...

    • txinvest These numbers are not impressive enough to ride on revenues as we cannot seem to gain traction enough to what ultimately would be a inflection point for TB or Stoked.Ralph was or is convinced he can get there yet so many ignore the fact that we just dont have the means of distribution.It is simply one reason why Hans backed out.

      While I admire your patience and ability to breakdown the numbers you need to include expenses.And margins matter even more when our revenues are still rather smallish.

      • 1 Reply to ahur416
      • Lbix only distributed Hans in Canada. There are no distribution problems in Canada that I ever heard of. That Hans went with Anheuser Busch, with which it has other relationships, certainly hurt Lbix but tells you nothing about their distribution in Canada. Distribution in the U.S. is tougher for Lbix than Canada. They seem to be focusing heavily on convenience stores now, undoubtedly aided by TNT, and that seems like a good strategy as there are generally no slotting fees. Will it succeed? We'll know much more in 6 months.