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  • mooselope69 mooselope69 Jul 8, 2008 8:54 AM Flag

    Can't believe I'm saying it, but that is a solid quarter

    They got their break even point down to 9 million and I expected it to be lowered to 9.5 to 10 million. I expected revenue to come in at 9.7 to 10.2 and they came in at almost 9.4 million.

    This is absolutely a speculative buy again. As they have free cash flow next quarter they can then work on expanding 'slowly' into some more chains or begin to work Stoked into the system 'slowly'.

    I can't stand you Ralph...but nice quarter.

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    • Or maybe I can still be holding like you with your massive loss....or wait, do you have no position and here for nothing.

    •'ve got to be kidding I would disclose my personal business like that to an anonymous message board poster!!! I was holding very few positions to begin with...I sold ESLR for a loss, bought at 10.78 and sold at 9.60ish....other than that I was only holding EMKR and LBIX. I have been pulling some money out of the market for some time. I am only playing with about 22k in the market right now and using 0 margin. Things are very, very bad out there right now....also going to start putting an addition on my own house for the baby.

      I see very few stocks worth owning right now...however that could change by next week. WB is something I am watching closely to enter a longer term position, but I have an 11.00 price target first. EMKR I have a 4.25 price target on a high volume capitulation. I have a buy order in at 4.50 and 4.25...if I change my mind and don't believe it will hit it, I will buy back in.

      Again, I think LBIX risk/reward ratio is very good here. 30% of 3000 is much better than losing 12% in EMKR of 17,000.

      Again, I don't care if you believe the information or not...I don't live my life based on my belief that I need to impress Dividend Reinvestor....if I cared about impressing people I certainly wouldn't have made some enemies on this board. Bottom line is my sale of EMKR has saved me 10% today and my purchase of LBIX has me up almost 30%.....

    • Bought real estate...

      Are we meant to be impressed with your sale of equities--which, given the state of the markets, were most likely sold at a net loss--to reinvest in "real estate"? Speaking for myself, I need a few facts and figures before I'm impressed with your market timing. What did you sell? What exactly is the "real estate" you bought? Where is it exactly? How much did you pay for it? If I know the answers to these questions, I have a basis for knowing if you're lying or telling the truth. without them I have nothing to go on. I might think the information was posted just to impress.

    • Yeah, because I didn't say I got smashed on goes from 'you looked at the days range and picked a good point to support your hero status on a message board' to I post a link to a message at 10:00 which means I only had 30 minutes to sell and then I get attacked for something else.

      Bottom line is I lost a decent amount of money on the recent EMKR trade....period. I lost money on the original LBIX trade and I have made money in quite a few other trades this year. This is one of my best years I have had in the market and I have nothing to justify to anyone.

      Soon you bitches will be like...Moose, you didn't 'buy below .60, prove it by posting the trade confirmation....Moose, you didn't buy QMNM the day it went up 425% in the morning unless you prove it...even though I posted that one on a Sunday before buying that Monday morning.

      XXX OOO

      See ya plus 1.00.

      Good luck.

    • By the way, you ask how someones opinion can change with out transitional comments...why did I say EMKR was a buy and have turned negative on it and sold it.

      By the way, since when don't people, analyst's, or institutions change their mind on a stock or a sector in the blink of an eye upon reaching certain valuation levels or seeing certain things developing...isn't that what ends a bear market and a bull market. Isn't that what makes people changes their ratings from Neutral, to sell and back to neutral and then to buy? Seriously...why don't you email every analyst on wallstreet and ask them how they can change their opinion and rating on a stock for which they had a different opinion of at another point....LOL>...

      I have a couple of other stocks that I would like to get into if the price comes to my 'valuation' level that I deem worthy of a buy. I believe EMKR is a buy, yet I see negatives with the stock right now and think it is truly a buy lower than here.

      LBIX had a lot of volume on the last trip to .98 and from .55 to .60 very little volume which meant no resistance to move up. The stock was priced for BK and upon the information I came up with didn't feel with the quarters numbers that was any longer a possibility so my sentiment changed...period. Go fuck yourself b/c you are a hater b/c I have made 20% on this run so far.

      So what if it doesn't hit 1.20 by Friday?? And what if it I get a cookie? doesn't matter one way or another.

    • Let's get something straight: you're a liar. EMKR dropped like a brick on almost no stock the first half-hour. You sold at around $5.40 and posted within seconds on the EMKR bb. Why in the world you had to self-aggrandize yourself with "above $5.60" (what the fuc!k is "above $5.60?) is a function of some weird insecurity you have about being perceived as mortal. Market-timers who make money in the long run are spread throughout society in fewer numbers than supermodels. The odds of you being a successful market-timer approach absolute zero. I challenge you to post a jpeg of the trade confirmation. You produce it, you get a profound apology.

      But never mind all that. What interests me is how, in the blink of an eye, you went from being a pessimist on LBIX who owns no stock to a pumper who owns stock. One searches in vain for the transitional posts. "You know, if this stock stays in this range I'm going to accumulate..." "I'm beginnning to be of the mind that..." The posts don't exist. You're a self-serving motherfuc!r who is using this bb to further your position as clearly as any of the pumpers you accused in the past of doing the same thing. Which makes you a piece of sh!t in my book.

      Nice try running away from your prediction. When you said $1.20 by Friday, you didn't qualify it with market conditions. All of a sudden, it's this that and the other. What do you want us to do, read the fine print?

      80% out of the market to buy real estate... Fuc!kn blow me! Another lie. What did you buy, a Johnny-On-the-Spot?

      Holy sh!t, are you insecure. God forbid your alias doesn't call the right moves in the arena of internet bb's. It's like your entire identity is at stake. That's some sick sh!t, dude. I've been wrong so many times I can't stand it. Nor am I alone. Everyone with whom I've ever spoken--in any situation, business, pleasure, whatever--every person who tries to play stocks and time their trades is wrong a lot more than they're right. The honest ones tell you they got hosed again; the liars tell you they bought before the stock took off or they got out before the stock collapsed. Like you. Mr. Moose.

      Do yourself a favor and grow up.

    • Sorry, Moose, I don't believe you got out of EMKR above $5.60. If you did, you sold within five minutes of the opening bell. Good investors never trade in the opening minutes. That's when the markets belongs to the mm's. Everyone knows it.

      I think you looked at the EMKR range and picked a good exit price to impress your readership. Not the high of the session but high enough to demonstrate how perceptive you are. That's what I think. The odds are strong in my favor. But hey, prove me wrong. Post a jpeg of your trade confirmation.

      Re your good timing in LBIX: on what basis? A few thousand shares? Big deal. If you were in for fifty thou, a hundred thou, then I'm impressed. As things stand, you might make a good return %age-wise, but it's on a basis barely worth talking about.

      Put your money where your mouth is. If you're certain that LBIX is going to $1.20 by Friday, it's still dirt cheap and you should be quietly buying stock hand over fist instead of pumping your few thou of cheap LBIX. Let's see you step up and buy 50k. Pay up to .90. According to your predictions for the stock, even .90 is a bargain.

    • traded 4 times between 7 and 8...not 8 and bad.

    • You have to understand I was in at 5.78 and traded at least 4 times between 8 and 9 and taking some off the table in the high 7s prior to the drop. My current holdings in the stock are underwater, but I am still in the green with EMKR from the trades.

      Disclosure, I did sell EMKR this morning over 5.60 and will buy back in under 5.00 again with a much larger position. I am expecting Citron to come out and hammer them this afternoon about the 'new no named customer' sending the stock back down.

      Also remembering I nailed about 375% of the 425% increase on QMNM in that one big up day.

      I've had a very good year so far...although EMKR really punished me. I was up almost 150% ytd in my portfolio prior to that cataclysmic drop.

      I'm up well over 20% in the LBIX position since Friday so that is a good thing.

    • Good thing you nailed down LBIX because you hit your finger bigtime with EMKR, which dropped through $5. Boy, were you on the wrong side of that one.

      Are you still in? I might buy some.

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