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  • johndoes1_16 johndoes1_16 Aug 4, 2010 8:22 PM Flag

    why no sales

    As a newcomer to the board, can anyone tell me why there are very few trades on this stock? It sure seems that people should be more interested in this company than what's showing here? Do they not have a solid track record?

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    • Over the last 3 years they changed their core business model from a co-packing operation for various companies including Monster (Hansens) to developing and marketing their own products. They have tried and failed with a few products during this time frame. Do to the above their revs have dropped dramatically however, their margins have increased significantly leading them into profitability over the last few quarters. The revenues have been creeping up over the last couple of quarters and it's yet to be determined if its just the seasonal increase or if they are actually improving. There have been a lot of people who have gotten crushed financially because of promises/optomistic outlooks by the CEO. Those people have verbally hammered (rightfully so) the company and slammed any type of optomistic outlook of current and future events. In a nutshell, if this company does not develop products and increase their marketing/sales operations, revs will not grow and the stock will stay flatter then a flitter. As for me, I sit and hold watching and waiting for something to break either way.

    • They have been around over 10 years aND there is not alot info lately. Some on the board thinks I nuts but my doctors say I am normal as anyone.Lbix is a gamble but they are making money ,have some good brands and have a good chance of anyone to be bought out???

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