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  • o08o.ugh64w o08o.ugh64w Aug 13, 2013 8:57 AM Flag

    Now's the time to buy

    The numbers are just too compelling at this price.

    The dividend continues to be paid and increased
    Margins are simply fabulous.
    Dutchess backstop is in place
    RedChip being brought in for getting more investors interested

    Yes, there are not a large number of shares in the float - which will only make it shoot higher that much faster when it gets some buying interest.

    I believe Semyon has a good idea for growing the company - buying up cheap synergistic companies that can immediately increase sales and add to profits - high margin with low cost.

    Though I had been quite negative on the company/shares in the past, there is clearly money to be made here, and I won't pass that up.

    There are plenty of worse companies/investments out there that never post a profit and don't have the low-cost mentality which SMTP does.

    I believe the end game here, as with Fast Engines, is to grow the company to a point where it can be sold off. With Semyon holding so many shares, it's the only thing which makes sense to me.

    So, buy shares, hold them tight, and keep them out of the day to day trading float.

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    • Good call.

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      • I bought more towards the end of the day when it fell back.

        As you mentioned, our new CEO is going to work his tail off to make his $1 options worth lots more.His objectives and priorities are aligned with ours.

        Can't hurt to pick up cheap shares, sit on them, and keep them out of the trading float - every little bit helps considering how few shares are in the float.


    • How can you take them seriously when their Sales Mgr.'s name is Ronald MacDonald.....wasn't sure if it was a joke or not....

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      • Thanks so much for that compelling argument as to why people shouldn't invest in the company.

        Is that a screening point you use when evaluating a company before investing? Or what your kid answered when you asked if you should invest in SMTP? You understand that if you were the hiring manager and didn't hire the guy solely on the basis of his name, you'd have set yourself up for a nice size lawsuit. I'd have to believe that whatever job it is that you do have (assuming you actually have a job), it's not in a management capacity. Further, his last name is MacDonald as opposed to McDonald.

        What's the best investment you have in your portfolio today friend? How much debt, how much dividend does it pay, what's it's sales and profit growth rates, what are their profit margins, ROA, ROI, EPS, and P/E?

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