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  • wallstcrookbuster wallstcrookbuster Oct 15, 2004 5:49 PM Flag

    This 15X gainer not going anywhere

    It appears MM is controlling price to allow "big gainers" to distribute to sucker buyers. It amazes me how they do that. They can truely make the price be whatever they want it to be. Maybe they will run it a little higher after the "big gainers" cash out to allow us "highbuyers" to make a little off this. On the other hand, they are probably shorting every buy to control the price. Then, after their buddies are totally out, they may drop it like a rock.

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    • I'd say the last few weeks have been a bad time to be short on this stock...

    • One additional point that you did not consider. On 10/4 - 10/5 there could have been short covering given the volume traded and the amount of the increase. We wont know this for sure until the next update on short interest for October 15.

    • Nwt flow still acting strong internally even as price dogs it and threatens to beak down.

    • Tsk .. Tsk .. Your insecurities continue to pop up here, Freddy.

      700 shares @ $6.85 was simply a small part of a large block offered. I use blocks ranging from 5000 to 15000 frequently to 'play around' with these predictable dips. Like I said,

      watch and learn

    • And to add to that....

      The volume was not "significantly" above the average volume. This is especially pertinent since we have had two days in the recent past of + 1 million shares traded.

      This is clearly someone wanting to get in at a lower price and is trying to scare shareholders into selling before earnings.

      If you look at those two days of large volume it's my opinion that there was a leak of sorts about good news with regards to earnings. Probably some fund manager advising his clients.

    • [just watch and learn]

      The stock market has no lessons to teach and nothing can be learned by watching you. Trying to find anything that recurs will only feed your superstition and pretense.

    • [Looking at my streamer and seeing many red blocks above 10K and very disappointing to see the stock go into a tailspin after making new intraday highs over the past 6 months today.]

      Today's blocks and their tick states:

      12:16:29 6.53 29000 1
      13:07:00 6.43 12500 1
      15:01:17 6.33 25000 1
      15:18:42 6.26 20000 1
      15:45:06 6.25 16900 -1
      15:58:26 6.26 37500 -1

      Notice that there's little concession on the 2 block sales.

      You're being influenced by price which is falling due to lil guy selling. Lil guy traders are the last to get out before an upside move.

      [Worst part of the downside move it is was for the first time on volume.]

      Volume tells you nothing. It tells you that a bunch monkeys were in there jabbering. That only creates noise. You must find out the direction of the components of volume.

      [I'm sure market conditions didn't help.]

      There were no "market conditions". There was only the Spitzer Law ruffling up some Martha feathers.

    • > just watch and learn

      Right ... we can all learn a lot from a guy who brags about trades that make him less than $350. You are indeed a true market guru. :)

    • Let me repeat it again; The crooks are selling their big gainer as suckers jump on the wireless hype. I suspect they pushed it to 6.85 to sucker in more buyers to allow them to dump more. Notice the big sell blocks?

      • 2 Replies to wallstcrookbuster
      • [Let me repeat it again; The crooks are selling their big gainer as suckers jump on the wireless hype.]

        Why bother express what's false and trivially stupid? It just shows how weak you are and how fearful of loss. You should go hide under your bed because this is no place for a weakling.

        [I suspect they pushed it to 6.85 to sucker in more buyers to allow them to dump more.]

        There is no "they". It's only an invention that amateurs concoct to assuage their fears.

        [Notice the big sell blocks?]

        There were 2 at no concession. You don't really believe that institutions know any more than the public, do you? Oh, I forgot about your myths and your crutch.

      • I see you are one who doesn't allow facts to stand in the way of his decision making process ... :)

    • I actually have traded AIRN for the most part but i'm looking to enter here again tomorrow. I've made two successful trades but now that AIRN has gone and broke the trading range to the upside and filled in back to lower end support of $6.20 i think the move upwards will stick next time. Look at SBAC which i constantly point to on the board. A few weeks back it hit $8.40 retraced quickly back to $7.30's and within a trading week back to new highs before today settling above $8.00.

      I expected this move after AIRN made a few cracks at the $6.44 resistance i thought it may go towards the highs. Instead the stock couldn't go there and the market turned weak and it broke $6.50 and ran back down to old support of $6.20. I think tomorrow they may try another quick test of $6.20 and then back up over $6.50 although i will say this is the first time i saw block selling in AIRN after only seeing 100-300-500 share sells to manipulate it while the stock was previously being accumulated. Hopefully the specialist hasn't gone short or he may try a $5.90 support test before running it up.

      In any case the IWAV/ALVR speculation is out of the way and as i stated before the market fluctuations only affect AIRN so much and i left a few % points on the table myself trading other stocks. Funny how just when you let one go it finally moves but nonetheless i still have a very bullish outlook on AIRN and fred_mac has the right idea to buy on weakness.

      Maybe BFBILL sold a few AIRN to buy ISON on the pullback????!!! MIZ.

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