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  • mojosh75 mojosh75 Apr 22, 2005 8:45 PM Flag

    well well $5.30......

    where art thou??? told you retail clowns - NO WAY its gonna hold, and sure enough. you can tell retail action is bidding it up - but then the big boys come right back and shit it in their face. NO WAY will it last anywhere near here until the #'s dictate.

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    • >>just don't cry when you're taken out next week - E A S I L Y..............<<

      The 200 MA is 4.92 per this chart (and turning up). You'll notice that once the stock is an UPTREND (which it is) and has crossed above the 200 day MA, it usually STAYS above that..again, look at the chart. I really think AIRN is now in the same pattern it was back last Sept. If it breaks below the 200 day MA, that would be a potential reversal. I don't my STOP SELL order at 4.90 will be triggered any time soon. In fact, I'll probably have to adjust it UPWARD soon.

      TAKE A LOOK:,uu[h,a]dahayyay[dd][pb50!b200][

    • Well...

      The comissions are nhil and I don't have tax consequences (sheltered) on trades. I want to avoid the urge to just sit and watch a stock sink or average down. The stops may keep me *busy*..getting in and out, but that's the only way I can protect myself from potentialy HUGE loses. I may re-evaluate the stop at 4.90..but my logic was that if it hit that level, it's likely to go much lower still.

    • just don't cry when you're taken out next week - E A S I L Y..............

    • This time things look different...good chance of a new base around 5..we'll see. I have a stop sell order at 4.90.

    • you will be able to buy at lower prices. airn can't even hold 5 because the retail clowns bail at every wink. but whose selling when it hits the upper stratosphere?? real money dog.

    • Any downward moves are on low volume, check out the stats. If you sell now there is no guarrantee you won't be locked out at lower levels and forced to consider buying in a
      @ a breakeven price or higher.

      All these price swings are players working with the limited number of shares out there trying to influence the price.

      Problem is, there is someone else out there buying and holding.........

    • You, unfortunately, are correct. Until there is some strong guidance, additional sales contracts, and wimax-in-laptps around corner, this stock will take awhile to get up there.
      I'm not too concerned about this quarter reporting. AIRN did not warn. And AIRN already reported the bad news last quarter.
      This was a smart move since if AIRN saved the bad news for now, you'd see this stock drop like a rock. But everyone already knows the company's dirty laundry already.
      With that said, AIRN will continue to move up slowly until given a reason ($$) to move up really quickly. I rather have my money here than anywhere else though because I don't feel the same way about the rest of the stock market.

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      • Well said. Most of those in the know here airn realize they'll most likely be able to load some more back up in the $4.60-$4.75 range. Why spend the money now, when you can just wait for this stock to go back down again as usual. Or like me, sell at $5.35 today, buy back at $4.60 or so in a week or two maybe three. Then begin this process all over again like always. Really nice money to be made here in the past year, but not by holding - risks are always too high holding a company which can't eke out a consistent profit on $80 plus million in sales.


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