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  • ActiveAction ActiveAction Apr 22, 2008 11:40 PM Flag

    Neysayers only try to talk it down SO THEY CAN BUY CHEAPER

    ishkibabble: You have become a very bitter person over your investment in this company. For you to have become this bitter, you must have lost a lot of your investment. I feel your pain every time I read one of your posts.
    I have a great deal invested here too... but I haven't lost it yet. And if I do lose it, I will have learned a valuable lesson and that is to invest in stocks that have less risk. Whatever happens here, it will never make me bitter. Life is too short for that.

    I've been more frustrated with how long it has taken the govts. to allocate spectrum, for operators to test equipment, for the WiMAX Forum to certify products, for Intel to get their chips into laptops, for Sprint to get their act together, etc. If all these entities would move quicker, Airspan would be in great shape.

    What major problems are there at this company?
    They had a bad 4th and 1st quarter after their legacy business dropped off the face of the earth because everyone is waiting on WiMAX. This isn't their fault. How many analog TVs are you going to sell when digital is the only thing people want to buy?

    I think that the biggest issue I have with the company's management is that they do not know how to communicate well. They don't know how to communicate well in PRs, on their website, in marketing, to investors, etc. When one fails to communicate, people think something is being hidden, then conspiracy is born.

    For the record, they aren't issuing 9.5 million new shares. They are issuing 4.5 million for compensation purposes. These shares will remain the company treasury.

    There are a few theories going on why the stock price is so low. Theory #1: Management not doing a good job of running the company, diluting shares, excessive compensation. Theory #2: World was not buying WiMAX in large enough quantities for companies like Airspan to make money. Theory #3: Management does not communicate enough on purpose so that that they can get shares cheap before the run-up. Theory #4: Management are puppets to get the stock PPS low so the company can be taken privately (your theory).

    If I had to pick which theory, I would say it would be a mix between theory #1, #2, and #3.
    I'm not concerned about theory #4 as long as people like you exist.