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  • tdcomm2 tdcomm2 May 12, 2008 9:43 PM Flag


    New Dawn;

    - NEW Clearwire is reviewing all equipment provider contracts!

    - NEW Clearwire is in a "sprint" to cover 120M USA POPs

    - NEW Clearwire has legitimized WIMAX thus motivating NEW Wimax projects and corresponding opportunities for AIRN.

    - AIRN's MACRO-E is a space saver, power saver , install cost saver, cost to run saver, quality leader, Wave2 dynamo. In short a category leading product that COULD save the NEW Clearwire millions* (* depends on who/what they were going to buy...sure this is a tad of hyperbole...but then again, this is yahoo)

    -AIRN's MIMAX, awarding winning multiband USB annt. connects various frequencies of wimax making it a go anywhere, must have product for any USA-WORLDWIDE Wimax operator.

    Dawn of The Dead;

    - AIRN's mgt. has NOTHING Cert'd or FCC approved for the NEW Clearwire to buy, today.

    - AIRN's stock price raises questions about its viability and thus makes it a suspect supplier ( help Daddy FUJI!!!)

    - other forces are at work stomping on the pps

    - An equipment advantage today is often tomorrow's door stop. IF you had it ready to ship, approved, cert'd and trialed you'd have a HORSE in the race. We don't. WE do have a nice picture of the "box" on the website! Sweet? NOPE.

    - AIRN seems to be very weak in terms of how they engage and contract. Thus we are likely to be taken accross by the sharpies running CLEAR and NOT benefit a single bit should we sell them 100M$ in equipment. ( ok- that's my ishkabibble moment.)

    - MOT owned a piece of the OLD CLEAR. Now, their position in the NEW Clear is diminished by the new capital structure while their company is breaking apart. I'm sure they are desparate to hold the line, expect hardball politics with WHO and HOW MUCH the NEW Clear spreads around to other wimax equip vendors.

    - Old Clear was fixed wimax, XOHM was mobile wimax. New CLEAR is Mobile wimax...what happens to the OLD Clear?

    -AIRN talked about just in time Cert's and introductions of key wave 2 equipment. Nice story. "Hey the dog DID eat my paper, but he just THREW IT UP- so here ya go. Just wipe some of the puke off it."

    This is a weak HOLD and a vote of no-confidence in this mgt. team.


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