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  • ActiveAction ActiveAction Jan 6, 2009 6:04 PM Flag

    108% increase to get 1.6M shares

    If one buys 30,000 shares every day, they can certainly get .10 shares. If one wants to buy 1.6M shares, one is going to have to pay up to .25/share. There are not a lot of serious sellers out there, but instead just traders selling some here and there hoping to make a few cents per share.

    As everyone can see, the stock moved rapidly up as soon as an entity wanted over 1 million shares.

    The fact is, the sky is NOT falling and Airspan is controlling its costs as shown by the decline in losses every quarter for the last few quarters.

    1.6M shares traded in one day is A LOT for this stock. One should really think about reasons WHY the volume is so high. Typically a sharp increase in volume happens before some news comes out. Is it a buyout? A large contract? Maybe Obama's broadband plan would really benefit Airspan as a leader in providing wireless equipment in the U.S. Maybe "profitability" sooner than we think? Or maybe EVEN a large investor has agreed to buy more shares at a premium to help get rid of debt... There are many possibilities. Those standing on the sidelines will find out what is going on at the same time those in the game find out...

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    • well, it is a bit odd that they decrease $10M-$19.9M in revenue guidance when they never lost that business, doesn't it?
      I don't see why they wouldn't be able to get to $23.8M? They got On Communications, Fairpoint, Poland, Japan, India, Neptuno, Telenor, and many others in the last few months.

      It's clear you are "fed up" though.

    • 33M 4 Q4/08????!?!??! What 10M$ and what hat?

      Look, 23M is a hope and prayer and Stonestrom ALWAYS underdelivers. Its like a broken clock, you think, ok, the broken clock is right twice a this is ONE of those TWO times, right? WRONG.

      Best hope, the dolts who think a wimax play selling for just its cash is a screaming buy and they push this to 65 cents...and its adios.


    • You never know tdcomm... they could surprise you. Consider this. Just a few months ago, their revenue guidance for 08 was in the $90M range... they didn't say they lost any of that business. So $80M revenues would mean a 4th quarter of: $23,661,000, if that other $10M was just delayed, that could mean $33,661,000. Anything higher would be all profit. I'm not saying this is likely to happen, but still a distant possible scenerio. Everyone is thinking gloom & doom... and if I had options that could be exchanged for a lower strike price, I'd want everyone to think that too. ;)

    • They gave the dEC investor presentation...with numbers that are OLD and out of date.

      So put it on the line, the LOSS for Q4/08?


      PSST, more than 5M$...anything under that and you are HIGH.

    • I didn't think one could short a stock under 1/share... but you are right, these guys have come out of the woodwork... wonder why they are so upset. If they were able to short this by chance, they may get squeezed tomorrow.

    • "100K shares = $15,000...anybody can play at those prices. "

      Yeah but multiply that by 16x... nobody has done that in a long-time and especially not in this economy.

      We saw heavy volume days before the original deal of Yozan too. It's possible they are attracting Japanese investors.

      If it was because of Needham, I would love to see the presentation given. It obviously had some positive information in it.

      One of these days, "Stonestrom" will be the name of the captain that brings the ship into port. You wait and see.

    • TD, didn't you post earlier that you hoped Stonestrom was putting together a very BIG Quarter to report? What's new with this? He's been reporting BIG Quarters for years now, as in BIG LOSSES. And then there's the recent BIG Stock Option 'Re-Do' plan for all the executives. And then there's the BIG Salaries they pay themselves to produce LESS Revenue and spend record numbers on OPEX.

      I don't know at what level you got suckered into owning this POS stock, but management is now in with millions of free option shares at 10 cents. No cash, no risk. Pretty funny situation I'd say and apparently all legal.

      I'd say that all this makes you a BIG Sucker.

      Enjoy the Ride (While it Lasts),


    • Pissing and moaning at $0.36 in November, he's now happy at $0.25. Now he's plaesed with Airn's cost-cutting (like where is it already?) and the declining losses he's been seeing each quarter(are we looking at the same financials here?). According to this Pumper, only a moron can't figure out that's it's a buy-out, a Big Contract, Obama's broadband plan, or even 'profitability' around the bend. The list seems endless for this high flying penny stock which used to trade above $4 before its House of Cards came crashing down.

      Are you just kidding around with everyone here or are you really this naive? Just remember, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it's probably going to be ... according to you ... a Golden Goose! Gotta love the Pump, so keep the laughs coming! ROTFLMAO at your continued nonsense here.

      Enjoy the Ride (While it Lasts),


    • No Td, this is very positive. But agreee on Stonestrom.

    • Reasons for price and volume increase include
      1. Absense of tax and year end portfoliio realigment selling
      2. Sellers simply no longer selling at 10 Cents
      3. Wimax industry worldwide continuing to grow
      4. Stock gaining buyers as it crosses market cap thresholds of $10 mil and $15 mil