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  • cpa38 cpa38 Aug 23, 2000 8:34 PM Flag


    when will we know AIRN is at its bottom? can it
    hit zero soon? is that the time to buy?

    help me understand what is going on with this stock. I
    am only a stupid CPA and know little about


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    • I think after all my years I know when someone is
      blowing smoke - but I'll play along - - to answer your
      questions - when will we know when AIRN has bottomed? Not
      until it turns positive and you can look back and see
      it. Can AIRN hit zero soon? Hmmm - it could, but I
      doubt it. Is that the time to buy? Sorry CPA, if it
      hits zero, it won't be for sale!! But I wouldn't buy
      this until it bases and shows a positive trend with a
      sustained trading volume over 700K shares a day

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      • I don't smoke. But I am long MO in my IRA. Does
        that count?

        This Mat guy (42 years old) who is
        the CEO of AIRN .... was he really the former
        President of Nortel? I called some people I know at Nortel
        and no one has ever heard of him. He is so young that
        if he was the President of Nortel as represented in
        the SEC 424B filing .... you would think that current
        Nortel employees would have heard of him. Wonder if he
        was the President of Nortel at age 16? Wow, that
        would be an accomplishment.

        I don't know
        anything. I am just a dumb CPA. Please forgive me.