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  • jenncar72 jenncar72 Jun 21, 2001 3:34 PM Flag

    few sellers and fewer buyers eom


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    • StarBand provides two way internet access, no idea as to cost.

    • My mistake.
      I can't find any two way satellite systems
      using Yahoo search.

      I'll bet the satellite system I was
      thinking of uses a telephone line for the uplink.

    • I believe two way satellite is available now.
      I saw a demonstration at CDWs warehouse in Vernon Hills.

      But Satellite Internet is expensive.
      They charge by the hour,
      uplink speed is slow and I would image
      the downlink could get very conjested.

    • I can speak to rural cable. In many areas, mine included, there is no service at all. We get TV over satellite. Soon Internet will be ober satellite also. Phone lines too noisy for anything over 28.8 K. Satellite is all there is for broadband access.

    • You're right. China's deal with Nortel
      has nothing to do with fixed wireless.

      You seem knowledgeable.
      What are the chances of Air Span
      penetrating rural USA.
      Are rural cable television systems
      switching to two-way cable or is
      the cost too prohibitive?

    • Nortel announcement is mobile - nothing to do with BWA or Airspan. But, Airspan has deployed in China and there should be more good news - you don't open an office (PR April 26th) without a good reason.

      Why no broadband access in Europe? ADSL and cable modem coverage is very patchy and expensive. Wireless should be cheaper - but you need spectrum to operate, and there's precious little of it in Europe. Airspan will be successful where operators can get their hands on MHz - and that means the under-regulated countries in Asia, Latin America etc.

    • Everything I said I gleaned from public information.
      Go to Yahoo insider buying and you will
      see many insider buys in the high 2s
      and low 3s.

      Go to Nortel news and you will see Nortel
      just closed a big deal in China for CDMA
      wireless internet. I don't know if Air Span
      is directly involved in this deal,
      but Air Span will be exhibiting their
      products at a China Wireless Convention
      in October.

      Europe is way behind the USA in broadband internet useage.
      I am not sure why.
      Maybe part of the problem is that there
      just aren't enough television programs
      in umpteen different languages to justify
      cable television.
      So they don't have the infrasture the
      USA does.
      To get around this problem, I saw many
      internet cafes in the UK and Italy.
      They probably used 128K ISDN lines.

      Wireless internet is much cheaper.

    • How would tou associate this stock, the markets
      they are going into have not exactly been booming. The only new contracts they have announced have been in Indonesia and Russia, two countries that no one else wants any part of, understandbly so! As for Insider buying and the ton of cash you say they have, I have not seen it. I don't see the company buying
      back any of it's own pathetic stock, or see any top executives buying even at this low price!

    • They've taken this stock out and shot it
      because its associated with telecoms,
      the internet, and networking.

      But unlike those sectors,
      its revenue is growing 50%/year,
      its trading near cash value,
      has lots of cash, and burning very
      little of it. It also has insider buying,
      almost no short selling, and is selling
      into an internet boom overseas.

      In other words, its a growth and value stock,
      a rare find.

      If it hits $2, I plan to buy more from
      the idiots who are selling it.

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