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  • HowlOnMoon HowlOnMoon Aug 10, 2012 10:54 AM Flag

    I warned on Greece, Erozone Early

    And Boat laughed at my valuation of Greece. The country is a mess and has NOT lived up to any of the conditions they agreed to when they got the 2nd round of money/debt rollover. Their will not be a 3rd round. Spain is paying more than 2x in interest on what I pay for my home. Italy is tinkering on the edge. France can't toss in too much money into the pot as they already have too much debt. The UK also has some debt issues (as does the USA)

    Germany? They are fiercly independent and abhor debt as a culture and will not use their money to bail out too much more. The want the Eurozone to exist but the cost is beginning to look to high.

    It is gonna get ugly over there. This stuff is real and not real easy to solve.

    The derivatives situation is bad, but not as bad as it cold be. Most US based institutions and firms have been pulling back from any counterparty risk in the Eurozone. There has been a lot of work going one for the past couple of years regarding counterparty risk and better risk selection. And trading activities are almost always cash secured after a small unsecured benchmark is reached.

    And then we have the fiscal wall coming at us in the USA. And if you think the politicians (from either side) is going to do much of anything before the elections you need to begin taking drugs to help with your affliction.

    Peace to all. Be careful.

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