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  • sawdust1958 sawdust1958 Feb 1, 2013 6:06 AM Flag

    Time for this turd to rally!!!

    Ok before you you start bashing me, look up my post on the FBN and Jag board , two other turds look at the dates and the charts. Let have a little fun here.
    I saw somewhere yesterday the senate is looking to raise or remove the debt ceiling. Really??? #$%$ thats a no brainer the economy dosen't grow unless the goverment is spending we are a debt driven economy! Goldmen shats is bearish on gold?? these dumb F's should be tarred and feather. Gold is taking a rest trading sideways then up! The debt in this country is out of control, we can''t pay the interest let alone the debt. 53% of all college loans are either in deferment or default, 12 % of these are over the age of 40. apparently they can't find decent paying jobs once they re educate themselves from the jobs they lost. Another bailout coming here. The goverment will continue to spend until the printing press is borken and no one will take our paper money to fix it!
    You shorts have to be the dumbest Mf 'er I ever seen, 26 days to cover. Lets remember LVS, MGM and MPEL. These companies were going bankrupt too! ANybody at anytime can buy this company dirt cheap! This will take place after hours and when you wake up one morning and see this gapped up you are going to need a sham whaa to wipe the sweat off your forehead! There is gold in them hills.
    The NUGT looks to have just created the left side of a a short term inverse head and sholders pattern and if this plays out it will take it to 15 dollars and as luck would have it there is a gap that didn't fill there. Now theres a coincidence. The time frame here should be around 3 months! All you weak handed traders stop listening to all the negative BS on this board and buy this stock into weakness. Anytime you see a stock open on the highs and sell off it is just a jerk off session shaking the loose hands out before the move up. BUY, BUY, BUY!

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