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  • edmundaronson edmundaronson Apr 24, 2013 5:00 AM Flag

    not to be mean

    but this is tough sell ,miquel deposit is a fit for cde but this package of both has the big low grade Nevada project with large capex-i think you should offer miquel to cde --plus you have shareholders that feel this stock is worth too much-cde is having grade issues at palmarejo and has put too much pressure on this mine that's why they bought orko- also cde with infrastructure, if you do get bid they can trump whoever bids for miquel so this may put off smaller miner especially now-big gold buyers will not need miquel silver/gold mix and want to build a mine and mill-----cde also has Nevada presence maybe a jjv on package-but rochestor legal status still unresolved which could complicate a purchase-then you have lots of cheap producers right now aurcana,alexco,silvercrest,------this post just for discussion----torex,rby both funded with big deposits look at there share price -kgi,-lots of accreative miners out there--why would anybody rush for pzg---

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    • Per CDE their palmarejo mine is operating at full capacity thereby negating any advantage of having a crusher and other infrastructure nearby the San Miguel. Not likely that CDE will buy adjacent explored property to inventory. Too much is made of CDE's close proximity to the San Miguel. CDE's presence in Nevada has no bearing on the Sleeper nor closeness in proximity. Newmont is adjacent to Sleeper and a possible candidate for purchase. You are correct about it being a tough sell for the wrong reasons.

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      • so your saying, there are no advantages for cde over others -Ii would say even if mill at full capacity-management logistics ,workforce ,political connections and social ,work done over years ,permitting ,possible lower costs due to sharing of already in existence infrastructure and equipment-for instance the don esse deposit runs into an existing cde deposit and might easily become like quadalope-this was just meant to be a general post as I have cde shares and have tracked pzg since 1.00 and traded several times-when it gets cheap like this during sector pullbacks it becomes a possible buy for me but then I go get a producer -as we both agreed this is tough sell as is -as to Nevada cde has a 20yr mine also with strategic investment in pershing no proximity to sleeper but again comfortabilty in Nevada with big heap leach and reclaiming tailings like rochestor and Bolivia-as a total package who would be interested and why-

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