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  • prabbit51 prabbit51 Nov 14, 2007 5:09 PM Flag

    Wouldn't ya think that......

    ...during slow or slowing economic conditions that a
    provider like PCS would do well?

    What I mean is, would not people be looking for ways
    to cut down their cell phone costs?

    Heck, I am always looking for ways to save $$$$$.Good or bad

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    • Yes, PCS has said that over and over again. Unfortunately for the very short term (the customer base that PCS has most of is low income people and illegal immigrants - and a small % drop in part of almost 4 million people overrides a gain in richer people going to cheaper plans), people have to make ends meet and it costs nothing to drop your phone plan with PCS for a month (a reconnect fee is not too high either - used to be only $15). PCS is extremely similar to a young Wal-Mart. In the short term, economic recessions hurt Wal-Mart because people do without something if they can't currently afford it, but in the long run they still purchase most of what they wanted, and they know where to get it because they've had the time to research it and find the Wal-Mart price. Wal-Mart was made specifically for recessions. We all know how that has turned out for Wal-Mart:)
      I still say the biggest driver for PCS growth (and Leap's too) is the national cell carriers. When PCS enters a market, almost everybody that has had a $300+ cell phone bill signs up immediatly for PCS service, and they also become a salesperson for PCS. I actually found out about Metro PCS 2 years before it came to Tampa. Word spread from farther south in Florida, and we were pissed off that after our friends had us sold on it, that they said it wasn't in Tampa yet! It finally came and is the only cell provider I'll use as long as I have a regular cell phone plan.