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  • johnclydekeel johnclydekeel Oct 24, 2012 8:10 AM Flag

    LEAP= 80 Million shares outstanding, Sprint has OVER 3 BILLION shares,, ATT 5.7BILLION shares..Verizon 3.7BILLION shares..

    Cricket as disclosed is 101% OWNED by Corporations and around 40% of tese folks are short.. GO Figure!! Price is being manipulated. DONT tell me it isnt! Why does MY Government allow this? If I were a CRICKET employee and held company shares for retirement or entertainment..(no matter) I would be pizzed off! Someone should be in JAIL for turningtheir head to this manpulation and FLASH CRASHING of this small TELCO.. VALUE is in the Business model and Spectrum.. Folks are AMAZED when I tell them or show them what I get andwaht I pay for Cricet service.. I LOVE taunting the COSTCO Sales folks with the captured audience.. Talk about EYES Opening when you show folks a Cricket I-Phone or my other Android even..

    Sentiment: Strong Buy