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  • johnclydekeel johnclydekeel Nov 13, 2012 7:01 AM Flag

    LEAP Substantially undervalued at $6: here is why: $Has CASH = $7.50 to $8 a share, LEAP Spectrum $3 Billion with Alot of room to grow at only 40% capacity utilization.FACTS! Licensed for 141 MILLION Users.. FACT! Gross Revenue $3.1 BILLION a YEAR..FACT!

    Spectrum will only go up in value. EVERYONE going Mobile now! Copper Landlines are HISTORY! Not a matter of if but when.

    COSTCO alone has 3 different systems for sale that use cell phone signals that xfer to base phone. Again.. SPECTRUM value goes up in value.. soon $3 Billion Valuation is $4 Billion. Future Value is KEY!

    Next to Spectrum is that License for 141 MILLION Users.. Try to get a license like that! LOL.. Present value untold, FUTURE Value wide open with utilization.

    LEAP is a Package Deal and will be bought out.. TOP SECRET Negotiations in progress NOW! FACT! They meet today!
    Buy and HOLD.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy