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  • indianabraden indianabraden Jul 13, 2013 10:03 AM Flag

    Really inexperienced views here by longs regarding short interest covering relating to a FIXED BUYOUT PRICE


    The squeeze was to $15.
    It was to $17 last night because a small portion of the float short - retailers- took the bait by a few Fear Uncertainty and Doubt guys here. Last night was the Wild West and as it was Friday afternoon, in the summer, and a few guys here worked hard to get a few shorts to try to cover 12+% above where they'll be covering at the open on Monday, which is at potentially BELOW $15 or at it. The guys promoting a higher price are the ones shorting shares at those levels in order to cover at $15 or below, so the shorts who covered high were sold shares by guys shorting the pps above $15! The RISK here is to the downside. Anyone want to give me an example in which a CVR added to the strength of a closed merger or that actually brought shareholder value up beyond the agreed MERGER PRICE? It's a contingency! It has no specifics attached to it, and it is a vague vehicle to try to keep shareholders IN the stock when in actuality, majority will be heading for the exit as this deal, IF it succeeds, is apparently estimated to be 6-9 months away, and as posted, these contingencies have LITTLE TO DO with the closing merger share price, which here is $15/share flat in cash. That's where the pps will be. Also, with the reality of inside information of the timeframe having been revealed to some early as evidenced by the Options Profit made here, the players will strip ALL SPECTACLE OUT OF THIS MONDAY AM and the share price will be $15 in a hurry.

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      Under the deal, Leap cannot solicit rival bids but AT&T has the right to match rival offers that surface. Also, the companies said Leap shareholders will get the proceeds from a future sale of spectrum in Chicago that Leap bought from AT&T in 2012 for $204 million.

    • You are clueless indiana. Sorry your short at 15 didn't work. Did you short wtihout doing all your due dilignece - i.e. reading the complete press release and transaction terms?.

      You can keep posting here but it is now irrelevant as Monday will bring out the pros who actually understand the deal terms and know how to value the CVRs. You are just wasting your time if you thing you can now somehow influence the pps to try to reduce your loss when you have to cover higher than your short..

    • u r discounting the fact that a higher bid MAY be coming . thats y the shorts are scrambling to cover !

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