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  • dubi_calmy dubi_calmy Feb 19, 2005 4:10 PM Flag

    D&B Ranking

    Israeli Companies Traded Abroad ;

    Going up in ranks,slowly but surely

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    • no, the issue is whether givn is a good company with good prospects. the rest is pure bullshit

    • Guys
      Even though this "ethnic Jews" discussion is very interesting, I don't think it is the main issue.

      Proposal: try to focus on "is there an impact of Israeli/Jew managers in insurance companies"

      Good luck

    • You seem like a sincere person and I thank you for the defenition per Reuters of what is an ethnic Jew. If you were quoting from Reuters it doesn't surprise me of their inaccuracies, there are no Jews in Sudan they meant Ethopia, and there never were 13 tribes,
      it was 12.

      If you live here in Israel as I do, you would be very, very leery of anything that Reuters has to say about anything concerning Israel. They are considered here to be left of the Manchester Guardian, which never knew a bad commie. They have nominated Arafat for canonization.

      The defintion doen't help a lot of us here, as if the DNA can be traced back to original tribes, than what about us "Jews" with blue eyes who may only be "Jewish" for 400-500 years? Are we demi ethnics or maybe just "Jew" with no ethnicity, perish forbid.

    • <<<<<Just refer to some of the Israeli posters here who have stated they prefer to invest in Israeli firms.>>>>>>>>.

      Perhaps you considered the possibility that following an Israeli stock just might be
      a wee bit easier for Israelis?????????????

    • An ethnic jew is based on the racial ties that can be traced through means such as DNA to the original 12/13 tribes of Israel. For example, Israel has been allowing ethnic and practicing jews from the Sudan to immigrate to Israel over the past years; the ethnic but non-practicing jews (they are Christian in faith) have not been allowed. However, these "Christians" with jewish ethnicity are now being allowed to immigrate to Israel contingent upon conversion to the jewish faith. This was a news release on reuters last week. A non-ethnic jew could also be, for example, an asian who converts to judaism.

    • No, it surely isn't prejudice other than CIGNA, please tell us which of the other 250 US insureance companies are controlled by ethnic Jews. Also, please tell us what is an ethnic Jew?

    • Maybe what you say is accurate, but long term I do not think it matters where this company is located or who by religious faith comprises the majority of doctors or insurance executives. Given appears to be far ahead on the creation/utilization of new medical devices that are going to significantly improve our knowledge of our intestinal tracts and provide improved diagnosis to intestinal health complaints. Acceptance by the medical community and insurers has already begun, but will take more time- which is why shorts may profit short term. In the future these devices may carry medicines and/or do reairs. IMHO.

      Although a different type of medical device manufacturer, Given reminds me of Medtronics 35 years ago. Buy on dips, you won't be disappointed long term.

      Best wishes longs!!

    • I agree with your long term perspective - the heavy investors will keep the stock price from falling much below 30 - refer to stock purchases last fall when the stock hung around in the high 30's and was propped up by investors from Israel. Besides, the insurance companies and influential doctors in the US are primarily ethnic jews and will support Israeli based companies. This is not prejudice, just the truth. Just refer to some of the Israeli posters here who have stated they prefer to invest in Israeli firms.

      This company will prosper. We have been spoiled by the explosive gains over the past 18 months.

    • Future:
      Definition: Dreaming that you are in the future means your hopes or your fears of how things will turn out depending on the scenario.

      Future for me is 1 minute from now,and limitless.

      BTW,I have been following this company since
      8.32$,and besides one point of time i had to exit due to liquidity problems,i am basicly IN
      and my expectations on ROI is high.

      All IMHO,and until NOW have not been disappointed.

      Naturally I watch this company and pps on a daily basis,however the longterm is interesting.I just add on the dips,if liquidity permits.
      With the devoted heavyweights backing this company,i am not worried.
      The shortists should be,at some point of time.
      Just hang around and watch

    • I must admit that you are very consistent. You've been pumping this stock when it reached $44+ by using the "Strong Buy" button. You R still doing it. That's nice. I guess you will still be using this button when it is $28 won't you?