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  • patcfitz patcfitz May 16, 2006 2:29 PM Flag

    Can't understand what's going on.

    I cannot understand why this stock price is so low! They have a good product which has received approval from so many HMO's etc. Must be a management problem. How did everyone vote in the recent shareholder's proxy for the annual meeting?

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    • See my post 5245. I also agree with those that criticize management over lost opportunities. However, the reality is that doctors don't like the technology because there is less profit than using a scope. It will take acceptance by and pressure from the insurers to require use of the technology before this stock will find acceptance in the market place. IMHO the short term future is slow but continuous growth.

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      • Your remarks remind me of the happenings when laproscopic surgery was approved by the FDA. As the word of this new ,less,invasive,less costly approach spread those surgeons who stubbornly clung to their outdated surgical approach soon found their patient loads decreasing and eventually joined the club. The same is happening the the Given Pill cam. It is not a question of the Doctors not wanting to use it because it reduces their income it is a question of them getting on board or face less income because of loss of patients to Docs who do use it.

      • I'll tell you what is going on.

        If an intervention is needed, the pill is a waste of time. Bottom line. MDs want to see it NOW and fix it NOW. Biopsy if needed, epi to stop bleeding, etc... This is doable and familiar with a direct scope, and is not possible with a camera pill. Sure the pill is a good small intestine issue, BUT expectations are unreasonably tied to upper scope comparisons. The small intestine population is going to be treated with drugs even if the "problem" is never visualized.

        The PE is sky high based on lofty expectations that don't seem to materialize quarter after quarter.

        Competition from major players is getting closer and the break out sales window is getting smaller and smaller.

        Revenue of 6.5 million a month with losses of 1.5 million a month. Revenue is miniscule for a company with a market cap of half a billion with extremely low volume.

        Times a wastin'

        Going back to $14 if next quarter is relatively unchanged.

    • Little has significantly changed since my post #5096 which I posted a while after I finally exited at $24.60.

    • Think it has something to do with that 200 P/E and 6X price/sales?

      That would be my guess.