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  • frenkcrenk frenkcrenk May 22, 2006 6:58 AM Flag

    BAD NEWS !!!

    OVTI is probably very close to a major announcement about entering this market.
    OVTI is a leading player in the CMOS image sensors and has superb technology.

    If this is true than GIVN is in BIG trouble !!!

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    • They may well make the announcement to enter this market. But the question remains as to how long it shall take them to obtain FDA approval?? Five years perhaps????

    • Stanford univ. Prof.presentation at DDW is on May24 at 10.45-11.00AM by Allison,Kiraly,Springer of Aeronautics/Astronautics Dept. and Van Dam of Gatroenterolgy Dept.of Stanford Univ.To read the abstract--enter Allison or Springer or Van Dam in Search for DDW presentations.
      Title is "Design,develop.,testing of Remote Controlled Wireless Capsule Endoscopy".This could ENHANCE the potential/usefulness over current Endoscopy.

    • This is a GOOD NEWS for GIVN.OVTI is another source of CMOS/CCD suppliers with cheaper/better chips for viewing GI inside.Micron,OVTI,Magnachip,Samsung all make CMOS and that helps to reduce costs/improve quality/power consumption.Power is key to viewing the Colon as the pill takes 24 hours to pass thru the system.Also,a mechanism like described in US patent# 7039453 is needed to move the Capsule to an area suspected by doctor.Stanford scientists have done it.
      Further enhancements will be forthcoming from Olympus/Stanford/other Japanese/S.Korean co.and Given that will enlarge the market size for this technology to over 500 million$ to 1 billion$. THIS IS GOOD FOR GIVN.
      Anyone serious in GIVN/Olympus/this area can view DDW 2006 papers on internet where Stanford talk can be found along with other Capsule titles.GIVN is on top of these new possiblities.The inventors of 7039453 claimed all these possiblities in their 157 claims in original application which was public knowledge/published by USPTO in 2003,but USPTO deliberated for 5 years and finally gave patent for 17 claims initially while other claims are reapplied into other future patents as is a normal practice for a big patent.Image quality is Key for Viewing and Olympus CCD images are super.They are selling a Capsule for 700$ compared to GIVN for 450$.Image quality/ability to stop the Capsule to a position/ability to view Colon enhance the potential is key.With current endoscopy doctors can move up/down to view an area again.With GIVN Capsule,that is a drawback--doctors have to repeat the procedure.Stanford tests are interesting.