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  • uberchuchem uberchuchem May 25, 2006 3:38 PM Flag

    Shorting for a takeover?

    Could it be that someone is constantly shorting GIVN to make it cheap enough for a takeover?

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    • I seriously doubt GIVN will sell out nor will they be taken over. Insider holdings are too great, and they are the conservative long haul mindset kind of people IMO.

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      • Hi,I looked at shorting Vol.last week but have not seen data in the Wall Street Journal for this week.Last week,it was OK compared to other companies,but unusual drop on Monday,May 22nd is a concern before we heard the Patent infringement lawsuit.
        Regarding,Someone buying GIVN--I don't think it will happen for a few months,but if the new CEO Shamir does not show a turnaround in Sales/profits(EPS) and if the patent balance of power shifts in Olympus favor,then 37% ownership by insiders won't stop a whiteKnight like Johnson and Johnson.There is a remote possiblity that Olympus could bid and put GIVN in play and J&J is the final White Knight.But this possiblity is at least a year away as every new CEO gets at least a year and sometimes two years,before 63% shareholders try to look for their interest.
        We know the past CEO and his legal experts did not expect the lawsuit possiblity from Boeing patent.The cost of defending will make lawyers rich.The drop of 12% in stock price (60 million$)this week reflects higher legal costs in the coming quarters.Legal costs could mount if Olympus acquires the new patent 7039453 or if the owners of the patent sue Given.That lawsuit could impact the stock price by another 15 to 20%(90 mil$) and add another 5 to 10 million$ to the costs of defending.Hope Shamir is reading it and looking at what is happening in Patent battles,Blackberry,Ebay,TIVO and others.Out of court settlements are far better for EPS and stock price.If Shamir wants to grow EPS--extra legal expense is going to hurt.Out of court settlements bring about least amount of publicity and least damage to stock price.That increases chance of GIVN remaining an independent company.

    • My goodness, you are still trying, don't you? So now what, all this free falling is because somebody wants to takeover. So, it is actually positive situation, isn't it? for god sake, don't you see it? still bending reality according to your wishes, dreams and hopes? WISHFULL THINKING AND DREAMS IN THE STOCK MARKET RAE YHE SAVEST WAY TO LOOSING ALL YOUR MONEY. WAKE UP!!!