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  • mosze_blks mosze_blks Jan 8, 2010 2:10 AM Flag

    Take the time to discover the next "BLOCKBUSTER BIOTECH"

    1. CHECK on the results of the first human trial of this biotech’s Lieve Listeria Patented Cancer Vaccine.
    2. FIND out about its unexpected IMMUNE protection against reoccurring cancer tumors and its amazing SURVIVAL rate.
    3. DO your own due diligence and you will understand why The National Cancer Institute (NCI) and its Gynecologic Oncology Group (GOG) have joined this biotech’s Phase II Trial collaboration by agreeing to fund nearly all of the expenses.
    4. IF you are an Intelligent and Patient Investor then take the next step:
    5. PURCHASE shares of “ADVAXIS” (ADXS.OB) which have recently traded between twelve and a half to sixteen cents per share; (.125 to .16)
    6. NO one is able to accurately predict the future, but if the current trials that are about to begin prove to be as positive as the initial Phase I trial, you will be handsomely rewarded within a few years or perhaps even sooner.
    7. YOU will be in on the ground floor of what may turn out to be a ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY.

    In addition *If any of your current investments are involved in the world of Biotechnology/Pharmaceutical/Medical field or in any part of it and you are in direct contact with the Management; alert them to this technology and ask them to take a look at ‘ADVAXIS’ as a potential partner. Thank you for your time and Happy New Year!