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  • maxschmit777 maxschmit777 Apr 5, 2010 3:33 PM Flag

    Nice comeback

    By the end of the week, if not before, we should be back where we were before that stupid WBB downgrade. My confidence in analysts is so low a snake would have to get down on its knees to find it.

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    • elbit May 12, 2010 3:53 PM Flag

      Thanks Max. GIVN went up for so long that this action down is not surprising. Will rise again, particularly around end of month when re-indexing occurs. Been waiting for chance to buy more.

    • I'm with you, Elbit. I came back from Israel last October filled with the same pride and awe. I have great faith in any brainchildren created by a country that has the ingenuity and willpower to survive against the most horrific odds and grow palm trees in the desert. The stained-glass Chagall windows in the Hadassah Medical Center hopsital are a testament to the Israeli elevation of healing to the level of artistic genius.

    • elbit May 11, 2010 8:20 PM Flag

      I make no apologies for being an "apologist" for the many Israeli stocks I hold. There is, no doubt, merit to genetic testing which is why I also hold stock in ROSG. There is also much promise to stem cell research which is why I hold PSTI. Perhaps my most prized holding is CGEN, predictive discovery and tons of patents.

      Israel is remarkable. "Pumping" is merely a word with disparaging connotation. I call it pride and an amount of awe:

      "Israel is second to America in the number of companies listed on NASDAQ, and the Economist magazine says that the country attracts twice the number of venture-capital (VC) investments as the whole of Europe, according to Ed Mlavsky, a veteran of the Israeli technology industry and the chairman and founder of Gemini, a big Israeli VC fund that was one of the investors in Saifun. In 2003, 55% of Israel 's exports were high technology, compared with the OECD average of 26%. Tech giants such as IBM, Motorola and Cisco have research centres in Israel , which is also where Intel developed its Centrino chip."

    • After reading a dozen posts from you on a dozen other company boards (all Israel companies I might add), it's clear you only pretend to like GIVN and hype it because it's from Israel and you're an Israel pumper.

      Hardly a good investment strategy.

    • "As an effective, affordable, patient-friendly means of screening for colorectal cancer and pre-cancer, SDNA has no serious competition. Anything requiring bowel prep is not patient friendly (pill cam, VC, colo). SDNA detects flat lesions very hard to find any other way. Blood tests are not anywhere close to sensitive enough to compete seriously with SDNA, ditto for FOBT/FIT. If there is a serious competitor anywhere on the horizon, what is it? I've looked hard, and there is none."

      "Camera pill is not serious competition for SDNA for several pretty obvious reasons already discussed, including inferior performance and the need for bowel prep (actually more extensive prep than colo, I believe). Retrieval of the camera is also inconvenient. It does have a place for examining the small inestine and other areas beyond the reach of colonoscopy, and for a few rare cases when colonoscopy is not feasible. Certainly not a sensible choice for general CRC screening."

      Now you've heard of it. DNA testing is in the American Cancer Society guidelines for Colon testing and is also already reimbursed in many states by insurance. Clinical phase 3 trials are on now with the Mayo Clinic. EXAS will be in their FDA trial in 2011, likely taking a huge market share in early 2012.

      Did I mention DNA also finds PRE cancers???? With a DNA test there is no colon cleanse prep, no diet restrictions, camera pack to wear around for days, or anything to look for in your poo afterward. You likely wouldn't be a "cancer survivor" as you never would have developed it in the first place with a $300 dna test every 2 or 3 years.

    • elbit Apr 8, 2010 3:34 PM Flag

      Excellent and informative testimony. I'm gonna buy more at this low price.


    • it's all relative-and relative to colonoscopy, pillcam looks more patient-friendly to me. Just sayin'. Does the patient really have to return the pillcam after rummaging through his or her own feces?

    • how many of these upgrades/downgrades do you believe are pure manipulation? Just curious what the consensus here is exactly. Go GIVN and its colon pill!