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  • ip2freely ip2freely Mar 20, 1999 11:07 AM Flag

    running away with authority at drive aut

    i worked at drive automotive for three years
    eight months, i was there durring the start up in 1994.
    i'd thought i'd seen it all until one day, in 1995
    (december i think it was), a new toolroom manager was
    appointed. he was chosen by a man called max. i think he was
    the vp of magna at the time. anyway from this day
    forward the toolroom hasn't been the same since. the mans
    name in charge is mick hickey, brother of eddie hickey
    (gm of massive tool & die canada). mick was my boss
    for several years before he fired me in 1998. i was
    fired because of my work performance. at my exit
    interview i asked how a company could wait this long before
    firing someone for work performance, but they could not
    give me an answer. the decision was final and nothing
    i said was going to change there minds. its been
    ten months since that time and i still here ghost
    stories of what goes on there. what i dont understand is
    how mick can literaly go around telling everyone that
    if he dosen't get his way in anything, he will go to
    max about it. he says he dosen't work for drive he
    works for "the man above", meaning max. he has told
    myself and many other people this on countless
    occasions. i could give many examples of what he does but i
    don't have time. i had called the "hot line" a number
    of times, and told them of things that go on, one
    thing that really bothers me is how mick still had
    associates on the payroll when they no longer worked for
    magna, (i have proof of this i faxed to gary sparanzini
    at the hot line). as far as i know this was looked
    into but nothing was ever done about it. i have copies
    of other forged documents made by mick i faxed also,
    that were "looked into". what i don't understand is
    how can he get away with all that he does. this is a
    small portion of what goes on here. i am still in
    contact with several people at drive and i hear of what
    goes on all the time. i don't care if i get a response
    to this or not, i just thought someone out there
    would like to know a little about what goes on here at
    drive. it may make them think twice about moving down
    here, then again it may not. research into this company
    before a person is hired in here is highly recomended
    before making a move. don't let the interview fool
    anyone. drive automotive isn't all what its cracked up to
    be. i'd like to say they're a chapter in my life
    closed up, but i still can't get over any of the things
    that has happened or is still happening. i don't like
    what has happened and i haven't made any of this up. i
    wouldn't post any of this otherwise.

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    • investors.

      Some mutual fund manager on
      ROB TV saying Magna was a good buy, was a great
      company and their shares would do well when their
      racetrack stuff was unloaded around December. Said the
      stocks tanking made it a good buy.

      The meathead!

      Probably had Bre-x as a major holding in the past.

      Who, that knows squat about fundamental investing,
      would want Magna except at an absolute steal, and even
      then only as a trading stock?
      Qualative factors as
      well as quantative factors should be a factor in
      making an investment decision.

    • ejb_lake_of_the_trout ejb_lake_of_the_trout Oct 19, 1999 12:09 AM Flag

      Free tickets for shareholders to the race tracks
      they own huh?

      Sounds like you have all of the
      qualifications to become a certified Magna shareholder,

      You'll have to ask Frank Stronach about that one but I
      expect that you can count on being taken for a ride and
      fed a lot of horseshit.

      Close, but no cigar.

    • Looks like the Windsor seat plant voted yes!!!!!!!!! Who's next?

    • Does Magna give their shareholders free tickets to the race tracks they own?

    • I converted my "Magnut" convertible preferred at
      the time of which you speak.
      Most of us that did
      that, I would assume, are long gone out of this turkey
      company, leaving the present turkey "Strawbucks" to the

      I chalk it up to a learning experience to stay out
      of companies in the future like Magna and Corel with
      arseholes at the top.
      Fortunately I generally do and you
      won't see my ass for dust when I find out that some
      arsehole is running a company. Unfortunately many
      companies are run by arseholes.
      When you plan to buy
      into a public company it pays to contact their
      investor relations dept and ask pointed questions and see
      how they are answered and you are treated. Ignore
      analists positive remarks. Use your own brain.

      you planned to buy a clotheswasher, not a major
      purchase, and I was the salesman and I basically told you
      not to bother me with details and buzz off, I think
      you would move on.

      Stocks like Magna are the
      kind you should move on from. You might make money
      eventually on Magna but I think you sleep better at night
      owning companies with management you admire, not
      companies run by ignorant turkeys calling the shots.

    • Should Magna shareholders do what callnet
      shareholders did?

      The dictatorship of Frank Stronach
      directly push this stock to these lows.

      There must
      be some people that go for the IPO years ago and
      acquire the new magna shares at around 100 cdn. These
      people have every reason to pull down this dictator,
      maybe pushing him out of his office to the horseracing

      CAW takes a good time to attack.

    • is a jerk, is a jerk, is a jerk, is a jerk, is a
      This message directed at Frank Stronach.
      The guy
      makes Corel's Dr. Cowpland look like a model
      Very likely all of Magna's operations will eventually
      With Stronach at the helm that would probably be

    • Hell!
      The horse is a whole heap of broken bones.
      Don't waste your bullets.
      Don't shoot it.
      SHORT IT!

    • This horse has a broken leg!!!!!!!! Time to shoot it!!!!!!!
      $42 canadian.

    • Now the company has active union pressure besides
      a complete turkey for a chairman of the

      Butt Hargrove admits that his members not happy with
      his (Butts') decision to hit on D-Chrysler over
      Magna. I guess they figure Magna's shareholders have
      enough problems with Little Ceasar.

      Note: "Butt"
      is perhaps more of a personality description than
      the name "Buzz". In fairness "Buttbuzz" perhaps
      should be used.

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