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  • dar200 dar200 Nov 16, 2010 3:17 PM Flag

    The truth

    Irish banks and Chinese inflation will cause Sui's renters to default on their rent.

    Truly a nutso market.

    Another thanks to the lemmings for another flip opportunity.

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    • mixed use and it just under $900 per month for those six months. Total of just under 6000 for the 7months that you stay there. There are more manufactured homes then RVs. Check their site out at www.Siesta I have been buy 100shares ever time it dips alittle. My goal is to get a little over 2100 share. The divident they presently pay will cover the cost of the rent.

    • Thx for the reply, so you are in an RV park or is it mixed use with both RV and manufactured housing?

      Is it $900 per month or $900 total for the months Oct-March.


    • Thanks for asking. 7/5 plan is you pick any 7months you want to be there. The total just has to add up to 7. They maintain your property when your not there. You pay just under $900 for six months Oct-March. We are in Siesta Bay located in South FT. Myers. There is another RV park there called Indian River. Its a great place for Baby boomers lot of activities. Its maintained beautifully. I believe they have over 135 sites across the nation. Come join us you won't regret it. The have rentals also. We own are own site. You can buy them from less than $4000 on up. Hope this helps.

    • Been looking into SUI since you had recommended it. Totally didn't understand WTF you were talking about here though. You were saying "buy" and I did fairly well the last few times I followed your advice but oh well. Probably better in the long run to do more of my own research anyway.

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      • Well, on 11/16 I bought another 1,000 shares at 32.81.

        My point was Irish banks and Chinese inflation have absolutely no impact on sui's income stream, but do cause lemming sellofs. Take advantage of irrational dips.

        I could flip this lot for a buck, but I'm also content to hold for the next dividend which annualizes to 7.68% on 32.81. If I get two bucks (my estimate of the irrationality) before the ex date, I'll probably take it. Otherwise I'll hold for nice yield, which is why I'm in sui. No go-go growth here. The same annuity like business of renting house lots which limits downside also limits upside. I'll take the yield while I flip knee-jerks.

    • Added some SUI today, couldn't resist...

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