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  • lostnfoundation lostnfoundation Jun 2, 2005 12:15 AM Flag

    Class A shares

    Anyone know of the process of removing Bob and Stan after the class A shares expire?
    Can the stock holders call a special meeting to get rid of them?

    Thanks in advance.
    Best Regards,
    Alton in Paradise, but not for long if we run out of bucks.

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    • They must both be with their left feet!

    • ECD is just two steps away from greatness.

      Mark my words, bos.

    • yes, but not necessarily for today.

    • <EOM>

    • In another example of Chinese Philosophy as representing a tradition of Common Sense “one liners”, I again quote from one of the extremely rare transcripts I have located in the most obscure places imaginable.

      As was written by Chang Fu Lu Chow (2050 BC) in a short manuscript entitled, "Certain Truth"

      >> Where there's Hope there's Life <<

      Much controversy has followed this great line, as most people still insist on, "Where there's Life there's Hope," which is of course absurd, as without the presence of Life there is no Thought, and with no Thought there is no Hope.

      Again I remind you that this text has been carefully screened for Common Sense, in keeping with my proposition that over the course of Centuries of Oral repetition of Oral Presentations performed by Students who didn't know when to quit the stage, as who maintained the works of Homer until creation of a simple written language, corruptions in the original may have occurred.

      This is especially true when translation from obscure languages is included along the way.

      Even the Great Doctor Samuel Johnson, writer of the first Dictionary of the English Language, spoke little Latin and les Greek.

      Even with that he gave great legitimacy to what some critics have called, "A Dictionary of Pig Latin".

      I noticed a lot of Subject Headings which included the word, "Truth".

      We should be forever grateful, then, that Chang Fu Lu Chow, one of the greatest Chinese Philosophers (2050 BC), in a short manuscript entitled, "Certain Truth", left us the saying:

      >> Where there's Hope there's Life <<

      It is said that Infinite Wisdom, Greatest of them all, with a name so long that he switched to a 14-letter code, smiled quoted from that manuscript just before all life support measures failed.

      So important was his wisdom to Chinese thought that following his death he was buried in a Royal Tomb surrounded by 100 Clay Philosophers to insure that his superior wisdom would continue to be appreciated in the afterlife.

      [I can't believe that I won't get a response from the mainland from at least one citizen knowledgeable in ENER and NiMH Batteries. Unless they've closed down all the Internet Cafés again, or have no sense of humor, which I very much doubt.]

    • As has been noted on this board, the longer the name the greater the philosopher.

      Most of the wise sayings quoted are taken from Extremely Rare References, as the vast majority of Great Chinese Philosophers you will find quoted here had works in very small circulation.

      The reason for this miniscule circulation is that at the time of writing most people couldn't read.

      Members of the Royal Family could, of course, read, but most preferred books with pictures, like the Kamasutra. It must also be considered when coming to an understanding of the great rarity of their production, that, in addition to obscure domiciles, most Chinese Philosophers wrote for the Royal Families of China, and many of these references come from Chinese Philosophers working well outside the capital city, where the entourage tended to be a lot smaller.

      It must furthermore be taken into consideration that -- as with Homer -- most of these wise sayings were carried down through the centuries by oral presentation made by students of these masters who committed entire works to memory. Corruption was introduced to these great and rare works over the years in many cases by the fact that the most respected of wise men were seldom questioned, but grew old with progressive Alzheimers that was little understood by contemporary masses.

      An example of how this corruption might happen is to consider that Ronald Reagan in his last few years -- a highly respected and experienced political animal -- stood before a crowd of students in cave and recited the entire Declaration of Independence from memory. It is only natural under such a circumstance that that version of the Declaratiooon of Indepandurance is what might have come down to us through the ages.

      Rest assured, that any quotes attributed to Great Chinese Philosophers here transcribed have been thoroughly screened for common sense, in the tradition of the “one liners” that describe the impact of all memorable quotes taken from the extremely rare transcripts I have located in the most obscure places imaginable.

      Consider for example the words of Chow Ming Tee Hee (2350 BC) once quoted as having said: “Hope and Expectation are like the X and Y Axis on a Logarithmic Curve. When there is Hope, Expectation is plain to see. When there is No Hope, Expectation becomes the Same as Hope, part of a Flat Line at the Top of a Curve.”

      Recent studies at Harvard Medical Center’s Cardiology Department have confirmed the amazing truth to this analogy, with hundreds of readings of flat lines compiled from Heart Monitor Machines, measured against the state of mind of the patient at his breath.

      [This is a Non-Credit Course, but there will be the occasional Pop Quiz.]

      Pop Quiz: Did the above discussion of Chinese Philosophy amuse you on a dull night ??

    • Let's consider the fact that he received and gained a positively brilliant education ((for one thing, he studied under Plato) at a time when anyone born blind (roral families possible exceptions, but go back far enough and it's no likely a blind person could survive to the age a Aristotle.

      He was a great orator, story teller and teacher but nothing was written down. He spoke from memory.
      Aristotle - Greek Philosopher Aristotle

      Your Guide, N.S. Gill From N.S. Gill,
      Your Guide to Ancient / Classical History.
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      Dates and Family of Origin:
      Aristotle (384-322 B.C.) was born in the city of Stagira in Macedonia. His father, Nichomacus, was the King Amyntas of Macedonia's personal physician

      Aristotle in Athens:
      In 367, at the age of 17, Aristotle went to Athens to attend the Academy founded by Plato, where he stayed until the founder's death in 347. Then Aristotle left Athens, traveling around until 343 when he became tutor for Amyntas' grandson, Alexander.

      In 336 Philip of Macedonia was assassinated. Aristotle returned to Athens in 335.
      To avoid distraction he probably always spoke with this eyes closed, and I have seen the stature that shows him in this mode.
      But blind ? I doubt it. 384-322 B.C. was tough times for the severely physically handicapped.

      If you read his "Physics" you will be astounded at far ahead he was of the crowd, making guess based on observation, but already with an understanding of "Nuclear Physics" and factors affecting the "Speed of Light", the slowing that can be measured at the bend in a mirror.

      He's my favorite Greek Philosopher, matched in poularity only by my personal string of very wise Chinese Philosophers, including, of course, the wisest of them all -- Infinite Wisdon -- with a name so long he was never able to complete a formal introduction, and so very few might have ever got to hear him speak had he not come up with a telegraphic nickname.

      Aristotle menas to me: "straight line logic".

      You may also note froma reading of his "Physics" that he was way more than 2 millenia ahead of Sigmund Freud.

    • One truth for sure; Stan finally built it and they will come.

      A field of ECD dreams from which we may expect the colorful ghosts of ECD Investors who never survived the trading to the big times but loved the game so much that we can expect them to emerge on a reguar basis from the surrounding cornfields to continue the play for bleachers still full of ardent fans.

      Job Descripion: Battery and PV Salesman to man the phones at ECD, take orders and foreward them to the proper department of engineering for evalation, pricing subject to change, and be sure to refer copies to the backorder department on a first come first served basis, unless paid well in advance.

      This is the problem as I see it.

      When it is seen by the market in general you can expect a sharp correction up in the price of the less than about 10,000 shares in the active float.

      Institutional and Fund Ownership is up to 43%

    • It is so. the one eyed man is king in the land of the blind- Aristotle (with a lot of translation error)

      If you can hit for a .400 batting average for a decade you will be in the (basaeball) hall of fame

      It is a good thing that the standards to be a true prophet isn't applied to the truly profitable.


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