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  • blueflamedave blueflamedave Jun 10, 2005 10:53 PM Flag

    Why the Prius+ uses Li-ion not NiMh


    "Even huge battery companies like Saft and Cobasys produce only one or two sizes of high-rate-discharge cells (Cobasys� are
    too large and heavy for a PRIUS+)."

    "Given today�s cell availability, NiMH technology is just as hard and expensive to implement as LiIon, but with 1/2 the value."

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    • but if below could happen and could time it, Il will short ENER again.
      I dont think they will be a big player in solar, hydrogen, cognitive computer.

      ovonic memory is a long shot and dont know how much money will bring for ENER. market for NV memory is in billions but i just dont know (like Ray)the nuts & bolts. i will take my chance counting on a domino effect once/if NIMH bats are road kill.

      1.2. The auto companies may be moving toward LiIon packs for their
      hybrid vehicles

      1.2.1. Why I think so LiIon cells have around twice the specific energy of
      NiMH cells, and triple the cell voltage. There are now LiIon cells capable of high rate
      discharge and high rate intermittent (regen braking) charge Thermal runaway problems and propensity to explode have
      been solved for small, quality battery packs. There are companies touting their LiIon systems as
      hybrid batteries. Existing hybrid vehicles are, due to the automotive
      development cycle, from designs at least six years old There are rumors of LiIon-based hybrids in the pipeline

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      • >> i will take my chance counting on a domino effect once/if NIMH bats are road kill <<

        I hate to have to agree with you, just like Lead Acid, NiCAD and Alkaline are road kill due to to NiMH Batteries which are currently replacing them at a rate so fast that they can't find a site large enough accommodate the mass grave needed to to dispose of their remains.

        Consider too that Klaatu and Gort have returned to make time stand still at Ovonic Battery, with a cessation of all further NiMH battery development, and be sure to discount the fact that Stan has often stated that he can get NiMH to the point where in all areas it's performance will equal or exceed Lithium Batteries. I have suggested that that may have been one of the incentives for CVX to pay ECD another $90-million for some added battery technology that had been kept under wraps.

        Another way not to get recommendations on this board is to believe any of Stan's projections or promisses, so you may also take comfort in that.

        In the meantime, it looks like road kill you are talking about will have to take down the Hybrid cars already using or scheduled for their use with it.

        Kind of like hitting a Moose on a dark road in Main with a shiny new Lexus RX 400h.


      isn't this the same document that showed up under someone else's name weeks ago?

      Tell me it isn't so Ray!

      P.S. And Ray while your at it, I believe you are not really unduly biased towards ECD, but just to show your even handedness, and intellectual acumen could you throw out a few criticisms of ECD management just to show the doubters and give management something they could do even better?