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  • ecd_anonymous ecd_anonymous Jul 22, 2005 2:12 PM Flag

    Don't leave yet!

    Latest news from Uni-solar is ....

    Apparently HDTV has a show called 'I Want That!' and they ran a special Monday or Tuesday evening on the shingle product, yes the one that you can't get to save your life, and NOW EVERBODY WANTS IT AND THE PHONE IS RINGING OFF THE HOOK.

    The program is supposed to run again Sunday for those of you that are interested is salt being rubbrd in the wound.

    I've heard this is supposed to be a good problem but I am having a little trouble keeping my serenity when people are wagging money in the face of ECD and ECD can't take it. BRING ON THE INVESTORS WITH THE MONEY TO BUY THE MACHINAS!

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    • Just saw the Uni-Solar solar shingle portion of the show... (Thanks ecd_anonymous for the "head's up") ...and it was great. They showed a nice roof with the solar shingles (I am guessing about 2 kilowatts worth) and the family living a "normal life", but getting their power from the solar roofing shingles. There was a nice short comment by Subendu Guha (sp?) with the name "Uni-Solar" prominantly displayed!!! They also recommended looking at their web site for further info:

      (h**ttp://,2496,HGTV_21356_3754638,00.html (remove **)

      On that page, scroll down to "solar power shingles"

      which takes you to:


      and this:

      "Solar Shingles
      Install Uni-Solar's solar photovoltaic shingles and you can generate power (and maybe cash!) on the roof of your house. One of the obstacles to solar power for the home has been the installation of large unsightly panels on the roof. Solar shingles install like traditional asphalt shingles, but hook them into your home's electrical system and suddenly you�re running on solar power. Cut your electricity bill, maybe all the way to zero."

      More Information
      Solar Photovoltaic Shingles: United Solar Ovonic LLC
      Toll-free: 800-397-2083

      ----My local listings (Eastern time) show that the show will be on again at 8:30 tonight. hopefully it will be the same show. :-)

    • Oh, Great. Why can't this show run next fall when we'll have a second plant churning them out? "I want that!" "O.K., sign here, and we'll deliver it to you in 8 months..."

      Good press, but we need to get people working overtime to get Solar Energy Death Star fully operational....before fall of 2006 :(

      I prefer backlogs to lack of interest, though. If you have to have a problem, too much demand is a nice one to have.

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      • >> I prefer backlogs to lack of interest, though. If you have to have a problem, too much demand is a nice one to have. <<

        Like I said, they wasted money on a Risk Analyst who missed the UniSolar PV market growth and delayed the 2nd machine.

        Big Backlogs sweep business away to alternative solar solutions.

        I have to agree that there may be a trade off with 200 people hanging around waiting for the phone to ring before switching on a 100-million dollar machine, and also that UniSolar is a unique product that outperforms any other cell on the market, even the pso-called 20% efficient cells that get rated at High Noon.

        At or near high noon UniSolar is close to Peak Efficiency on edge, as well as straight up.