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  • ar2743 ar2743 Apr 26, 2006 2:02 PM Flag

    Worry about LiOn in TM Hybrids?

    Should not ENER shareholders be worried over Toyota's announced selection of LiOn batteries for its line of hybrids instead of NiMH?

    I know many will say that this is "old news"
    but news it nonetheless is. With the millions of hybrids Toyota expects to sell, there goes ENER's market for its batteries! Seems that nothing major will be left for NiMH to be used in.

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    • I'm not concerned one iota about LiON.

      Let me know where and at what comparison cost the public is buying any vehicle using LiOn batteries and THEN I will get worried, not years ahead of such an event.

      Stock prices are based on actual increasing revenue streams, not new technologies that (might some day) become a competitor.

      If this were not the case, then ENER would already be +$100 per share just on the future income stream of OUM.