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  • wonothing wonothing Jun 16, 2006 6:07 AM Flag


    Anybody who sees this movie should immediately buy ENER.Solar roofing and HEV autos can go a long way to solving global warming problems besides conserving fuel.Clean renewable energy,ENERs expertise,is the growth engine of the next two decades.

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    • Actually the accuracy of the term
      hack for most scientific community doubters od global warming has been established. Follow the money.

    • Hadn't thought about it but the point is certainly apt. Hope that wasn,t too rude and crude or you, Hank.


      By Jules Witcover

      Tribune Media Services

      WASHINGTON � Nobody has done more to bring Civil War Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman back into the news lately than former Vice President Al Gore, simply by saying he�s not going to repeat the general�s famous rejection of interest in the presidency.

      On the ABC News talk show Sunday, Gore said he has �no plans� to run in 2008 and doesn�t �expect to ever be a candidate for president again, but that he sees no reason to voice Sherman�s observation that �if nominated I will not run, if elected I will not serve.�

      He explained that �I haven�t made a so-called Sherman statement because it just seems unnecessary � kind of odd to do that.� It�s not so much odd, though, as it is prudent.

      On other occasions, the man who often wryly introduces himself to audiences as the fellow �who used to be the next President of the United States� has also said he doesn�t believe in saying never, either. And why should he?

    • For those of you that cannot get enough of this kind of self flagellation I recommend HIGHLY 'Collapse How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed' by Jared Diamond.

      I particularly like the end of the book where he deals with the 'one liners' from the likes of duh, lush bimbo and the rest.

      If we really study this we'll be able to truely experience EVERY BIT OF PAIN we are imposing on ourselves and future generations.

      Boy are they going to get what WE DESERVE!

    • Good quote from the film, although it is not presented there directly in relationship to Bush.

      One of the many things the film does well is trace the intimidation of scientists by hacks who resent the "inconvenient truth" of their conclusions regarding global warming. Scientists and lay people, including some on this board, who read the data differently than Gore and the people who have influenced him are not "hacks." They are people who have a different theory. However, theories that don't arrive at the conclusion that humanity is influencing global warming in dramatic ways tend not to be supported by the majority of the data nor the people who study it. This is also documented--in a scientific fashion--in AIT, where statistics are presented from a very large sample of scientific studies which found no reason to doubt the existence of human driven global warming.

    • Don't you sometimes feel King duh is the guy Upton Sinclair was talking about when he said,

      "It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it."

    • You know Henrietta, we'd make the truth pretty and delectable, like flowers and candy, for you if we could:)

    • I hope I have enough ignores to zap you.

    • But don't take MY word for it. You can research it on the internet yourself and you will know that it is true.

      forget that these right wing talk show addicts get their information only from political talk shows. They dont do schools libaries etc. Anything they dont agree with is obviously wrong and not worth knowing.

      Just because it is writen down does not make it true. Why is that so hard for you to understand??? A talk show hosts imformation is more apt to be right then a writers because his job depends on it were a writer can write what he wants and no one can fire him for false statements.

    • Yah right that is why he won the election that the
      rabid right wing Supreme court justices stole from him.

      Yah he almost won it with all the bad guys in prison voting for him and all the bussed in and illegals here that voted for him
      You treehuggers are very rude and crude people,,you should be ashamed of a OT message like this.

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