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  • wonothing wonothing Feb 14, 2007 6:01 AM Flag


    The largest holder of FSLR stock is the estate of Sam Walton's son,who died in plane crash a couple of years ago.Even with the Walton connection,FSLR, didn't bid on Walmart contract because ENER product is far superior to any other product available.The fact is ,ENER has a special niche in the solar world and will command a better price than all the rest.That one bad quarter is a glitch that is being addressed and will not happenn again especially with FRank&Jesse soon to be gone.

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    • did you read the company's financials? next qtr will be WORSE, clearly worse!
      read about the expansion costs, which will continue, the 1-time revs/credits that wont.
      you write in generalizations. be specific. WHY will next qtr be good/better?
      and pleassssse, no more throwing salt over your shoulder!

    • Wonothing,

      As a very long term stock holder, I wish your claims of product superiority were true. As someone with ties to several leading solar installers, I will suggest you check your assumptions against the perspectives of those active in the field. Having worked in the building envelope engineering field as well as the solar field, there are clearly some conceptual advantages to the Unisolar installation options over panels. However most solar folks I know seem to be concerned about relative efficiency on the technical side. And though I don't know this for sure, my sense is there are business, marketing and related reasons that Unisolar hasn't done better than it has as well.

    • Unbelievable the kind of rumors that get floated on this board as facts with no one requesting verification. This is a classic example. How do you know First Solar isn't bidding?

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      • ecdpacman:
        >>>Unbelievable the kind of rumors that get floated on this board as facts with no one requesting verification. This is a classic example. How do you know First Solar isn't bidding?<<<

        Actually, I know that FSLR isn't bidding on the RFP because they SAID they weren't bidding when asked that exact question in their CC, which is still available over on their site, although it may be coming down on the 16th.

        They said WalMart's bid proposals, calling for PPAs (at least as an option) were not appropriate for them---that the RFPs were mostly directed at systems integrators, as we've discussed previously. They said they would be very happy to be one of the suppliers of PV to the winning bidder.

        Regarding the opening post in this thread, stating that "FSLR didn't bid because ENER (USO) is far superior in every way" to put this in light of the new, more civil, respectfully-toned mb?...I see that as an extremely unsubstantiated assertion. :-)

        Does that poster know anything about FSLR? What their tech is? What their ASPs per watt were last Q? What their margin was last Q? What their current capacity inplace is? What their current cell conversion efficiency is?

        I don't have, and never have had, a position in FSLR---and, human nature being what it is, I probably have done too little DD on the competition. But I recommend serious investors to take the opportunity to listen to their CC while it is still up on their website. Inform yourself; don't just hear what you want to hear.

        If you listen to their CC you may hear, apart from a very forthright presentation, with pretty complete answers to the types of questions that often get blown off, dodged, or fumbled at ENER CCs---asked by many of the same analysts we are already familiar with---you may learn some of the answers to the above questions:

        Thin film CdTe, yes, on glass, but it comes in a frameless configuration, so it's not TOO much heavier. $2.35/W ASP last Q. 46% gross margin last Q. They ramped from 20 MW to 60 MW in 2006---we hope to be at 58 MW "by Fall of '07." 9 1/2% conversion efficiency---I believe we're at 8 to 8 1/2% (I'm not talking about in the lab, or on the horizon.)

        I hope this promotes some INFORMED discussion and not reactionary bullpucky. I don't claim to have any in-depth understanding of FSLR, and I'm sure they have their own unique problems (like, I think our roll-to-roll may well, eventually, out produce them). I'm still an ENER long, and will likely stay that way, but unsupported ...okay, crap... is not ultimately useful to anyone.

    • by the way, Frank & Jesse is the nickname of the two knuckleheads,Stan&Bob.

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