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  • ar2743 ar2743 Jun 25, 2007 5:06 PM Flag

    ENER breaks below $30

    What the hell is going on? Or, indeed, not going on. Nothing seems to be happening at all, rumors abound, management appears to be in the ignore mode and the b/d does absolutely nothing.

    Meanwhile, ENER's stock price drops, week-by-week, well under the $49 issue price and now is below $30. Can below $20 be coming soon? Probably.

    Oh us poor crestfallen shareholders!

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    • What do you expect for a stock that has increased 4 fold, never earned a dime, has manufacturing problems, management problems, dilutes often and has to try to sell off a division before it is profitable? IMO the only thing that can save it is to double revenues or decrease the price till it becomes attractive. Since we won't have a doubling of revenue anytime soon, that leaves a declining price.

    • You need to do what management has done ... take the rest of the summer off. They've done this successfully for 45 years and they've never been thrown out yet ... close ... but no cigars for being close!

      I understand that they are dancing over a sale of 2MW which by my calculation as about 2 weeks production. Of course no results until September unless they decide to have another surprise press conference to announce that 'things are moving along nicely' and the rest is 'confidential'

      I'll leave it to Ray to spin that the silence is really a good thing and it's all the stock markets fault that they can't tell there isn't any difference between FSLR,SPWR,STP,ESLT and now YLI and ENER .... nothing except 45 years of promises discounted to the current value of ... more promises!

      These guys could fuk up a wet dream!