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  • ballsahooky ballsahooky Jan 9, 2008 4:31 AM Flag


    this year begining with Michael Murphy than Steven Leib,and yesterday Harry Boxster,all three have ENER as one of their favorite performers.Yes most solar are bought but not not ENER which is the best.As we all well know ENER has Cobasys amd more importantly the fast growing Ovnyx which has begun to take off.The sales from solar alone are going to double for the next three years.With other firms recomending FSLR and other leading solr stocks as buys anyone with any market savy can see ENER is tremendously the bet stock buy on the worldwide markets .Sooner or nlater,and I am sure,it will be soon ENER will become the market darling that it should be.Once the good news begins to be released the run up will be more than incredible.Seems to me Morelli has an obligation to current stockholders to begin releasing this information before next quarterly report.Why the current news black out,i don't know but he certaimly is causing a lot of frustration.

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    • I am more interested in a water stock recommendation.<
      Infared, Quequeque, stick your head in the toilet. LOL eom

    • I am more interested in a water stock recommendation. There is more and more talk going on in California about the water shortage. Today my town issued a notice that residents should voluntarily ration their water and if that doesn't work there will be mandatory restrictions.

    • ballsa,

      Don't be so hard on Morelli. Which do you prefer, a Stan who routinely says that prosperity is just around the corner and a chicken in every pot, or a guy who says let's get credible first, then announce more than hype. A recent example of this is Mark Hurd of HP. He joined from being CEO of NCR. Everyone believed that he was a country bumpkin in Silicon Valley. Mark immediately began to cut costs the Fiorelli (his predecessor) had embraced, he focused marketing on simple messages, he under-promised and over delivered, and now everyone believes him to be one of the best CEOs in the country.

      We don't know what Morelli inherited from Stan and Stempel. We don't know what must be changed, we don't know the Cobasys situation. Let's give him the benefit of the doubt. I know we hate seeing the stock hammered day to day by the shorts, but facts are still what will ultimately drive this stock. Don't get too impatient. We know for a fact that there will be an announcement in early Feb for second quarter results, that means no more than weeks to know status.

      I looked back at the announcements made by the company other than the CC and Shareholder's meeting, nothing since November really. Maybe we have stopped the inveterate promising of prosperity so typical over the Stan/Stempel regime. Real credibility might give us an ever more positive upside at this weak market juncture.

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      • Be patient. The year and a half of ENER underperformance relative to other solar stocks is coming to end. ENER will begin outperforming its peers this quarter when
        1) Chevron buys out ECD's 50% stake in Cobasys.
        2) Samsung and Numonyx announce the start of OUM sales.
        3) ECD reports breakeven second quarter results.
        4) ECD, based on the cash generated by #1 above and the cash flow anticipated from #2 above, announces "the plan to beat the plan", that is, a solar capacity expansion to 450 MW by 2010.
        5) Solar stock investors wake up to the fact that, unlike its competitors, especially the crystalline silicon manufacturers, United Solar Ovonic's gross margins will be expanding for the foreseeable future.

        So load up for a significant breakout above $40/share. Indeed, I predict that, sometime during 2008, a soaring ENER will cross paths price-wise with a swooning SPWR.

    • "...one of their favorite performers." Yes, that is why ENER has been going straight down the past two weeks!

      Of course, the fact there are no earnings could be significant also. All and all, I think we agree that Morelli has been a great big disappointment. Let's bring back Stan and give him another award - that way, at least, ENER will make the news headlines.

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