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  • chicago_m_60613 chicago_m_60613 May 8, 2008 5:48 PM Flag

    Want a Crystal Ball on where from here?

    The link below is when FSLR announced their breakout quarter and what their price did.

    FSLR never looked back despite some disbelievers shortly after that breakout quarter.

    I would think everyone knows how FSLR's price per share played out since this time period.

    One difference between ENER and FSLR ...

    FSLR did not have the luxury of 1/3 of it's float being short.

    This is just the beginning...

    I know I am not cashing in on what I believe to be the next FSLR. I can't believe we have another opportunity (so soon) to invest in the likes of another FSLR-type of investment. An opportunity that is rare in a lifetime...


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    • somewhat exaggerated, but good post

      upon review of FSLR's history, i find that $50 penetration was difficult, after that, it flew. I imagine $100 to be the next "mental barrier" for a stock like this, where growth rates are on the order of 100% per year.

      however, FSLR didn't have warts all over it the way ENER does from decades of mismanagement. Could take time to heal. Perhaps another quarter of "SHOW ME THE MONEY".

      After all, you wouldn't date a slut if she claimed to be faithful to the bottom loin after just one quarter - would you? You'd wait another quarter, before popping the question.

      I would.