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  • pedmac2000 pedmac2000 Aug 1, 2008 3:59 PM Flag

    Mercedes going after Cobasys ??

    interesting article folks ..

    looks like Cobasys had a deal with Mercedes to produce Hybrid batteries ..but due to lack of financing could produce? this should one way or the other .. good or bad
    get us some news as to what the Heck is going on

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    • pedmac2000: I wouldn't call playing hardball with multibillion corporation that is asking $162mill from you for reneging on your agreements a smart move. Stan was and is a charlatan and a liar. Without the money of companies like Sharp, Canon, and many others, ECD would have been long gone. Stan couldn't do anything himself. He could lie to the gullible investors and partners, but simply lying and overpromising does not produce more efficient batteries. Not in this universe.

    • im sure that the ecd attorneys where well aware of the Mercedes situation and all other relevant legal issues.
      Its called playing hard ball with Chevron i believe..

      hope these storms brewing dont further effect the prize of downstream .( petrol refined products)

      Morelli needs to put this Cobasys NIMH .. jv of his to more of a public view in my opinion .. the secrecy is almost a legacy of Stempels... Stan even said he could make the Batteries much more efficient but his jv partner wouldnt let him .. .. i think Ray .. even Ecd.anonymous knows what im talking about here.........

    • pedmac2000: Umm, yes. Joint purchase. Aren't you both aware of the fact that Continental is building the battery system for the Mercedes hybrid sedan with li-ion to be released next year? Aren't you aware that Continental has a development contract with GM for the Volt li-ion? Why do they need Cobasys when they have Continental?

    • martins5455: Yes, but he had already entered in a "severance agreement dated June 5, 2006 between Mr. Knoll and the Company." You sure he is no longer with the company?

    • The best news coming out of that artical is that ENER has sold the division.

      It doesn't even matter what the price is because it loses money.

      This is very very good news.

    • equitydr05: I am sure Demi doesn't know, but I do.

      Segment reporting is a required disclosure by the SEC!

      The $1.000 million question has nothing to do with where the product is going! You are mixing part I and Part II. The $1.000 million question has to do with required (by SEC) segment reporting for geographic allocation by customer. Mind your GAAPs, please.

      Here is the repost of Part I of the "Cooking the Books Series?"


      Have you looked at ECD's revenues by country based on the location of the customer? How much were US sales in the September quarter? $18 million or $19 million?

      The 10-Q filed 11/8/2007 (page 26) shows sales to United States customers were $18.373 million in the September qtr. The 10-Q filed 2/7/2008 (page 28) shows $29.249 million for December qtr and $48.622 million for the six months ending December, implying $19.373 million in sales in the September qtr.

      So there is a $1.000 million unexplained difference between the two 10-Qs for the September qtr sales to US customers (looks like the US increase came from Other countries, or France, or Korea). Anybody care to explain?

      The CEO signed both 10-Qs, but they show different numbers for the September US sales. Was he careless?


      First Solar has a 25 year warranty. Unisolar has 20 year warranty, and likely their products will violate even that. When you find evidence that First Solar's product is degrading faster than the implied from 25yr/80% rated, then post it here, you moron!

    • Demi: What an ass you are. Your so-called descrepency of a million is fluff. It is information that is not mandated to be furnished. I could give a rat's butt if the product went to Paris France or Paris Tennessee. You keep talking about how FSLR product will last 25 years and they don't even have 10 years of history. I think you wanted to create an alias that would be even more despised than Demi and Delta. You are a jealous, petty has been.

    • lostn, at first glance that sounds reasonable, but in this day and age with technology being what it is, it would not be sufficient proof. You can get a MagicJack, which provides you a U.S. area code and be any where in the world and receive the call.

      Well then we'll just let ECD_FAN AKA Demi know that we have finally pulled his covers.

      By the way I am hoping this stock somehow moves down to 55 where I will even sell my other stock at a loss to buy calls.

    • lostn, at first glance that sounds reasonable, but in this day and age with technology being what it is, it would not be sufficient proof. You can get a MagicJack, which provides you a U.S. area code and be any where in the world and receive the call.

    • lostn: No, lostn. Read my posts. They are not easy to replicate. Again, ask Ray about that. I am


      You may deny that you are Demi Ad nauseam, but we wont believe you.
      Are you wllling to give some board person your phone number and convince them you are not Demi. We know that Demi does not live in this country or he would be behind bars, so if you live in the U.S.. that would be sufficient proof that you are in fact not Demi.

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