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  • jimmygoduh jimmygoduh Aug 15, 2008 5:08 PM Flag

    Ecdfan Is He Mentally Ill?

    I'm sure he is wrong.
    I proved it.
    Mentally ill, not sure.

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    • jimmygoduh: You may be sure, but you haven't proven anything about PV glass solar yet. I am not laughing yet. Why are you trying to pass SOLAR THERMAL as a solar installation? Yes it is solar, but the context was PV solar, not THERMAL SOLAR.

      We were discussing OpriSolar's contract, which is PV. Then I cited you IEC 61215, which covers PV. Thermal solar is not covered the by the hail tests from the IEC 61215. Where did you get the idea that were are talking about THERMAL SOLAR here?

      So, why don't you provide some evidence that AT LEAST ONE PHOTOVOLTAIC solar installation in the WORLD has EVER been damaged by vandals throwing rocks. Then I will admit that my statement that "glass panels are vandal resistant" is quite funny and will laugh with you. Ok?

      And then you can claim that you proved it.

    • jimmygoduh: Looks like we have to thank equitydr05, not testdad2007. is rolling on the floor laughing!
      Because equitydr05 did it!

      My statement that "glass panels are vandal resistant" was and still is quite funny!


      I repeat! My statement that "glass panels are vandal resistant" was and still is quite funny!

      Thank you, equitydr05! jimmygoduh, learn from him!

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