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  • dionizie dionizie Jul 9, 2009 4:21 PM Flag


    I don't thin anyone here likes lies and liars and I have nothing against anyone who makes calls as they see them. Questioning a performance or futre prospects of a company is a basic right of an investor, being short or long. I actually carefuly listen the shorts' opinions as even if they don't make any sense at all, they do reflect a certain sentiment which could play a role in the price movement.
    Now, you still didn't give me a straight answer to my question, why such a big drop in price without any major company specific new developments, don't tell me that everyone all of a sudden just realized that ENER's laminates don't sell in California.
    What makes you think that ENER isn't going to be profitable in the future and/or that they can't sell their product at a profit? It's really hard to fool a room full of investment bankers, are you suggesting that ENER is in business of fooling everyone?

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