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  • tj_shanks tj_shanks Apr 20, 2011 7:36 PM Flag

    clear to buy ENER from $1.93 to $2.65

    last checked ENER subsid is Uni-Solar

    last checked Boeing would rarely credit to mention a punny company going to zero let alone place the 6th largest rooftop deal in the world with them

    last checked most people skim their readings, so when doing a read make sure you read

    4th largest contract for rooftop solar in USA history at 10 acres in size, and 6th largest in world for rooftop is not worth mentioning today because the energy company that placed the order was jv with Boeing, so in respect of the procurement procedure in all professionalism it wasn't announced

    pics will come when finished and the stock will be over $9 by then

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    • You are one mixed up poster.

      Boeing mentioned the project in its own press releases , pointing out its support of green initiatives and saying it was thin film (but not mentioning UniSolar).Why would Boeing permit its contractor to use a product warranted to last 25 years from a "puny company going to zero"?

      Your fourth paragraph is convoluted gibberish, especially when you say " respect of the procurement procedure in all professionalism it wasn't announced". ENER is working on its own press release which we should see quite soon and I suspect there will be complimentary quotations from those in the supply chain.

      You end by saying pictures will come when the project is finished and stock will be over $9 by then. You evidently overlooked the information that the project is scheduled to be completed in three months from its beginning in May. In your next post you say that you are staying around for a 30% rise in price, although the stock could go up 50%. You are some penny ante investor to settle for a 60 cent increase when you say it will be up $7 in three months.

      Does your mother know what you are doing on your computer?