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  • ecd_anonymous ecd_anonymous Sep 28, 2011 4:43 PM Flag

    the biggest threat to America...

    It's not China, it's not the government...


    followed closely by economists and corporations.

    Americans have no idea of history, are fed a constant stream of propaganda which has trained them to buy what they're told. Sprinkle on a little cleavage and wah la in America you can sell anything.

    Read "For the Common Good" (Daly & Cobb 1989) it was all predicted 20 some years ago.

    The answer is nationalism.

    We need to protect our country, our citizens and our communities, not international corporations whose only allegiance is to market share and profits, not other countries who can take much better care of themselves if we get out of the way.

    Come November 2012 Americans have the ability to get rid of the current congress, president and a third of the Senate, but will they?

    Hell no! They still think they live in the greatest country on earth because some idiot on TV said so!