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  • gns23 gns23 Dec 17, 1999 4:53 PM Flag


    popular science jan.2000 p34. united solar re improved efficiency with combined solar and photovoltaics
    after tax selling will do better. one day shorts and pessimists will run for cover.

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    • Some questions:

      You mention an NiMH
      battery that is apparently in the works, with a spec of
      110 wh/kg. What is the spec for the present-day
      batteries in the GM EV1? What about the Honda that you've

      You've also mentioned this design error that GM may have
      made and that is apparently part of their latest
      effort. Are they acting to correct this in future
      efforts, do you know?

      Lastly, I wonder if anyone
      has any thoughts or info as to GM's next move. While
      I've lambasted them for the scarcity of their EV and
      their actions which I think have perhaps driven some
      potential buyers away, I wonder what their next move is. I
      seem to recall some discussion of a GM

      There was an excellent NY Times article this past
      weekend which discussed the two Japanese hybrids, and the
      extent to which Detroit is behind in this arena. About
      1/2 the article explored some of the nuances of the
      diesel vs. "other" philosophy in the hydrocarbon side of
      hybrids, in that Detroit has apparently gone the route of
      diesels, while Federal laws and California laws will
      apparently result in making diesels impracticable for
      next-gen cars.

    • Honda's EV+ doesn't quite have as good range, I
      think. I have a friend who has one, and it's barely over
      100 miles. My wakeup up range was 135 yesterday, and
      some folks in SoCal have been seeing ranges in the

    • on Panasonic batteries for 2 years now.
      NiMH trips: LA to NV and back in one day in a NiMH
      EV1, LA to LV and back in a rented Toyota RAV-4 over a
      weekend (NiMH), the Honda trip to OR (1st pure EV over
      the Mt. Shasta Pass), Honda EV+ to Big Bear from LA,
      to top of Mt. Baldy, lots more to come.

      NiMH has always been great, it was just GM's placement
      of them in the closed compartment which required the
      extra cooling system for the EV1. RAV-4 , Honda, others
      do not have that problem--the battery pack is in a
      tray on the bottom of the vehicle, has the bonus of
      aiding vehicle stablility and

      Some say the high cost of Ni will keep NiMH batteries
      out of reach. But that is a 2-edged sword, Ni
      recycles well, and the metal may cost a bit more, but
      that's not the majority of the cost differential. It's
      just that the volume discounts have not yet hit. Ni
      batteris may actually be cheaper than deep-cycle
      lead-acid, in the long run.

      When and if they get the
      110 wh/kg batteries going, it'll be even better.

    • 1st leg: Berkeley to SF
      2nd leg: SF to Menlo
      3rd leg: Menlo Park up to Skyline Blvd and the
      Russian Ridge hiking area and back
      4th leg: return to
      Berkeley from Menlo Park

      Total distance: 116.9
      miles. 3% charge left.

      All of this on one charge,
      with the trip to Russian Ridge having an elevation
      gain of 2300 feet! Plus the car sat for a couple of
      days, unused.

      I think that is downright amazing.

    • Hi ev1man:

      It sounds like the car is
      darned good so far, from your post and that of

      I wonder why GM chose to cease further production
      even before they delivered it to you and others.

    • Could ECD's profitability problems
      anything at all to do with the fact that
      the chairman,
      Mr. Stemple draws a $4.9
      million salary on annual
      revenues of
      $32.9 million, i.e. almost 15% of
      goes right into his pocket. -- I would
      like to own
      this stock, but it looks like
      someone else owns all
      of it already.
      I got the salary and rev. numbers
      Yahoo. This might already be common
      knowledge but, in
      seems odd to me.

    • I've been in and out of this stock since 94 -
      always a long. Made some because it always seems to make
      a mini run. I've gotten out at 25 and 15 with
      doubles and triples and better. But I never buy it in
      this range or hold it long above 13. The royalty
      situation, and financing from old seems to me to be a killer
      if it ever pops. Something is wrong hewre and I can
      never really figure it out. It's as if GM killed it.
      And where's the $ from photovoltaic. And where is the
      deal with canon, and.... Check the warrants and
      options from old deals. If ever a quality company with
      incredible technology seemed cursed, this is it. I'm not in
      now, but always am below 6. I hope it never gets down
      there again. Good luck to all.

    • GM had come out with it in '97! Unfortunately,
      because of the low range of the delco/delphi batteries,
      most old model EV1's were nursed in the slow lane,
      sort of ridiculous for a mighty sports car!

      Ever time I take it out, I drive it like it looks and
      feels to be driven, and people always stop me (when
      they can catch up) and admire the quickness and
      manoeverability of the car.

      Happened just yesterday, most
      days in fact!

      Others poke along, but that's not
      what an EV1 is for!

      With the new batteries,
      one can really have fun with the car! And the gen II
      feels more responsive, too!

      Great car, great
      batteries, can never be suppressed!

    • I bought into ENER in hopes of being on the
      leading edge of, IMO, the upcoming "revolution" in energy
      generation and storage. Thankfully I haven't had to deal
      with years of frustration that many of you have (just
      a few months), and hopefully won't have to wait for
      long for a payoff. But I feel that ENER still has a
      lot of question marks around it as an investment
      value in energy generation, delivery, storage - though
      it should be a sure bet with its patents and talent.
      Any other ideas for investments in this area? Ballard
      seems to have gotten some attention from analyst,
      though it may not be a great investment otherwise, and I
      wonder if the biggies in energy right now, particularly
      in Europe (Royal Dutch Shell?) might continue to
      lead through the revolution. Any help in pointing me
      in the right direction will be appreciated.

    • inventions, like Qualcomm, but unlike QCOM, has
      not yet received the revenues and kudus it
      Well, for a long time Qualcomm was disrespected, too,
      but with ener, it's a bit different--they made bad
      deals for the royalties.
      Maybe the next
      world-shaking invention, they will keep some of the royalties
      for themselves?
      Oh well, maybe not....

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