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  • rpbossman rpbossman Dec 29, 1999 10:30 AM Flag


    a good review and update on ECD. It points out
    that ECD's balance sheet does not reflect the value of
    their most important assets. The more than 350
    U.S.Patents: and more than 800 corresponding foreign patents
    and other joint ventures are not carried at any
    significant value on the ECD balance sheet. Add in their
    value and this stock would be well over $50 in my
    opinion. In regards to DVD. ECD originated phase change
    optical memory and has licensed this technology to Sony,
    Matsushita/Panansonic and Toshiba. ECD also has a nonexclusive license
    with Ricoh in Tokyo, the worlds major manufacturer of
    rewritable compact discs. 13 companies are now licensing
    this tech. How much is it worth? No one really knows
    the actual contractual arrangements with these
    companies but one can suspect as use of DVD rewritables
    become prevelent in the next few years the potential is
    unbelievable. We will start to see this royalty stream ramp up
    in 2000. Anyway check out the filing, theres much
    more on the Photovoltaics, NiMh batteries etc. After
    tax selling this one is going up.