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  • rpbossman rpbossman Jan 17, 2000 12:31 AM Flag


    GM's new hybrid, the Precept, uses ENER's NiMh
    battery. Hydrogen Storage is the future. ENER leads the
    way there too. I to was suprised at GM's canceling
    production of the EV1 but the Saturn dealer in San jose told
    me this was a possiblity because GM may see more in
    the hydrogen for the future. It certainly wasn't
    because demand was low. The san Jose dealer told me wait
    time to get one was over a year. The battery business
    is of course just one part of the many ECD will
    dominate in the future. DVD-rewritables, every disc will
    pay us something, Solar energy, and our memory chip
    which is being developed with Lockheed Martin. I also
    understand this same chip is going commercial with a silicon
    valley firm and will also be used in Processors. This
    could be huge. If your thinking about buying ENER now
    is the time. Soon, when these royalties start
    streaming in it will be to late. This is a quiet stock
    right now. but I can tell by the boards things are
    starting to pick up. ENER truly is a company for the 21st
    century. It could easily be at $100 over night with a few
    key annoucements.

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    • Honestly, I don't know why someone hasn't filed a
      lawsuit. The Saturn dealers are talking about wait times
      of months or a year, and GM is

      "Pearce said the company had a sufficient supply of EV1s
      on hand and said while GM could build more, there
      was "no particular need.""

      They are liars, and
      in violation of their agreement with the ARB if in
      fact those still on the list have not had their
      vehicles delivered. They are supposed to be responsive to

      But in the other Detroit Free Press Article it says:

      "Seeing that a second block would be needed, GM started
      making a second batch of 500 EV1s in late 1998 and
      continued into late 1999. About 100 of those have been
      leased, with 400 or so awaiting

      Awaiting Customers? I wonder if we can get further
      confirmation as to whether there are still wait-list customers
      who have not received their vehicles.