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  • xwilyx xwilyx Jul 11, 2000 11:25 AM Flag

    CNBC - natural gas supply shortage


    It'll take 2-5 years to bring on extra supply.

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    • And we get the manufacturing jobs too

      "Atlantis tiles from Switzerland was I think the first to
      do BIPV, starting with crystalline Silicon in the
      mid 80s, now assembling them in Virginia and have
      located offices in Sacramento. Cheers, AL"

    • Story . . . ?

    • Building integrated PVs (BIPVs) get two birds
      with one stone: they generate electricity and displace
      the need for other building materials which they can
      replace themselves: the roof, the siding, awnings and
      even windows. When you can replace polished stone
      exterior business walls with thin-film panels on the sun
      exposed sides you are really saving bucks. I have seen
      amorphous PV windows where some of the thin film has been
      laser etched away allowing for light transmissionm,
      with a good view!, and simultaneous electricity
      Manuf. will probably offer these in 20%, 40%-50% light
      transmission to offer more choice to the market. Most solar
      manuf. web sites are stressing this enhanced use of
      including ECD where shingles and roofing panels are
      featured. PowerLight has a good website, likewise
      Siemenssolar, and for the windows try
      and BPSolarex likewise cover this same area. Atlantis
      tiles from Switzerland was I think the first to do
      BIPV, starting with crystalline Silicon in the mid 80s,
      now assembling them in Virginia and have located
      offices in Sacramento. Cheers, AL

    • Are you serious about Keystone Energy?

      The symbol KSE pulls up KeySpan Corp. Did that used
      to be Keystone? I remember Keystone getting pumped
      up just before dereg hit in CA in the spring of '98,
      then taking a huge hit when the whole power broker
      thing didn't work out. Never kept up to see what
      happened though.

    • Your reminder of these feature-filled
      off-the-shelf applications triggered my Marketing & Sales
      emotion chip.

      One of my most constant suggestions
      to ENER has been that they forget about the
      licensees handling all of the promotion for specific
      products, and market their general technology from home
      base to help build markets from inside and out. For
      example, they could have pushed NiMH batteries and PV much
      harder than just the Tour del Sol, and as to DVD, with a
      little more push they could have got that to market
      years ago.

      As has been suggested here before,

      My guess is that part of the
      interminable wait we have suffered through results from the
      fact that with so many dramatic and life style
      changing innovations from ENER, and with so many large
      infrastructures to retool, obsolescence has to be planned as
      never before.

    • I didn't make up any of those yuppie innovations.
      The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
      just approved construction of a new union meeting hall
      in San Jose, CA that will include all three of those
      features features.

      Some benefits I didn't

      1)The PV roofing system from PowerLight, Inc. has a
      rigid foam R-11 backing substrate, so it offsets both
      roofing and insulation costs, and the net
      insulation/shading value is on the order of R-19.

      2)In a hot
      sunny climate the awnings make a significant
      contribution to reductions in the net heat gain through
      windows, drastically reducing cooling loads during exactly
      the times when the PVs are generating their highest
      power levels, doubling the bang-for-the-buck with
      regard to the building's reduced impact on the grid
      during peak load periods.

      3) The translucent
      skylights give a similarly timed benefit, allowing use of
      automatically dimming daylighting controls, further reducing
      building loads during peak PV production.

    • So IMO when the volume comes back we go right thru 30 7/16 to maybe 40.

    • Check out those stats.


      (July 10, 2000) SHEC LABS
      completes development on Prototype Hydrogen Separator

      Saskatoon, Canada: SHEC LABS - Solar
      Hydrogen Energy Corporation (SHEC) has developed a process
      to use the heat energy of the sun to extract
      hydrogen out of water.

      SHEC concentrates sunlight
      with reflectors to create the heat required to spilt
      water into hydrogen and oxygen. Since reflectors are
      relatively inexpensive to manufacture, the potential for an
      economically viable "clean and renewable" hydrogen source now

      On July 11th, 2000, after extensive
      testing, SHEC LABS has successfully developed an effective
      hydrogen gas separation process, which will be integrated
      with its solar thermal water splitting process. This
      is another major step required for the completion of
      a "Concept Machine", which is currently being
      manufactured. Hydrogen purities of 99.999% have been achieved
      with the process so far. (more on



    • Bank away.

      You're welcome.

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