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  • rick_1166 rick_1166 Aug 31, 2000 12:41 AM Flag

    question for ener longs

    Just wondering what other small or mid-cap stocks
    are of interest to long-term ENER shareholders. Are
    there any others that you all would put in the same
    category as this one in terms of potential? I'm pretty
    much a buy-and-hold-forever kind of

    Thanks for your thoughts.


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    • Searching for potential?

      The potential of
      ENER is so enormus that its hard to find anything
      that's quite like it. There is the one negative, namely,
      that the potential of ECD has been hyped for thity
      years. This time, however, I think it's going to happen,
      and we will see results. And it's also going to
      happen very soon for a $0.5 Bil cap company named
      Presstek (PRST) Read the posts written by Neil Mack on the
      Yahoo Board starting with today's stuff and going back
      in time to about March. Good luck.


    • Rick, check out GBT. They have major assets that the market hasn't discovered yet. go to to get a handle on all the businesses. Some of their holdings to come public soon...regards