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  • rpbossman rpbossman Jun 12, 2001 1:51 PM Flag

    HA GM to build rolling hydrogen bombs

    Knowing how GM treated ENER in the past I'm glad we're not the partner. GM is just buying time like it did with our battery tech. They want to look like their doing something in alt energy. Compressed hydrogen won't be the final solution. Solid will.. It's nice to know we have other businesses in our portfolio.

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    • It's nice to know we have Texaco/Chevron on our team. Texaco knows that the solid form of Hydrogen will be the only way to go. GM and Ford may try and build them with pressurized hydrogen but who will want to store and transport it?

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      • with tort reform coming GM builds a hydrogen bomb with the purpose of one detonating and there by ending the hydrogen debate for 1000 years. They pay a punitive and damage claim filed by the victims kin (A ceiling is on amount paid of course) and GM and the world goes back to producing the internal combustion engine fueled by oil pumped from the ANWR. Nothing changes and auto-consumers are satified in repeating to themselves,
        "boy I'm glad that wasn't me". How's that for conspiracy thinking huh? All in my opinion.